CNC Lathe CJK6150B-1

Machine can automatically process the inside and outside cylinder surface, cone surface, circular arc surface, end face, such as processing, and also can process the single and multiple threads in metric, inch and other standards.

Main features

1. after the lead rail of the machine is treated by super-audio quenching and finish grinding and plastic coating, it is of good rigidity and stability.

2. Three gears controlled by a handle, stepless speed regulation, with lower noise and high- standard machining accuracy, is an environmental- protective machine.

3. The spindle is the high- rotate speed and sophisticated bearing, with smooth surface. The extra size diameter of the spindle bore isφ82mm while the diameter of chuck is φ250mm.


Max. swim over bed: 500mm

Max. swim over carriage: Φ280mm

Max. length of work piece: 750/1000/1500mm

Width of the machine: 390mm

Size of the three-jaw chuck: 250mm

Range of spindle speed: 30-150、100-500、320-1600rpm

Spindle bore: Φ82mm

Taper of spindle bore: 1:20/ Φ 90

Max. size of tool post: 25×25mm

Stations of tool carrier: 4/6/8/or gang-type tool carrier

Min. setting unit of motor: (Z) long 0.001mm,(X) cross 0.001mm

Moving speed of post: (Z) long 8m/min,(X) cross 4m/min

Taper of tailstock quill: MT5

Max. range of tailstock quill: 150mm

Motor power: 7.5KW

Packing size(lenght×width×height): 2400/2660/3160mm×1400 mm×1740mm

Net weight: 2900/3300/3600kg

Lathe Details

1. Guide width: 390mm

2. Spindle bore: 82mm

3. 4-position electrical tool carrier/turret/post

4. Spindle speed: auto 3 -steps speed change by one handle, stepless speed change in the step (range of spindle speed: 20-100,100-550,400-1600rpm)

5. X/Z axis servo drive

6. CNC system: GSK980TB2

7. Motor power: 7.5KW

8. Automatic electronic pump lubrication

9. Semi-enclosed protection

10. Manual chuck,manual tailstock

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