CNC Lathe CK6140B

CK6140B CNC lathe four six eight station tool turret optional for metal process with frequency conversion stepless speed regulation and higher efficiency.

Main Features

2-gear spindle speed, step-less in gear

Higher working efficiency

Higher rigidity cast iron

Fully enclosed-safety

Standard configuration

1. System:GSK-928TDL

2. 3 jaw manual chuck

3. 4 station tool

4. Manual tailstock

5. Lighting system

6. Cooling system

7. Automatic lubrication system

8. 3 phase 380v 50Hz

Optional Configuration

Siemens system /Fanuc system

Hydraulic chuck/ pneumatic chuck

Hydraulic collet/ pneumatic collet

6-piece electric tool post/8- piece electric tool post/ Gang type tool

Auto bar feeder


Max. swing over bed (mm): Φ400

Max. swing over cross slide (mm): Φ245

Max. processing length (mm): 750/1000

Spindle Taper: MT6

Thu-hole dia. of spindle (mm): Φ52

Max. spindle speed (rpm): 3-gear spindle speed, step-less in gear

Chuck size (mm): 250

Spindle motor(kw): 5.5

X/Z axis Position accuracy (mm): 0.01/0.015

X/Z axis repeatability (mm): 0.012/0.013

X/Z axis feed motor torque (N.m): X:5 Z:7.5

X/Z axis fast feeding speed (Mm/min): X:6 Z:8

Tailstock sleeve travel: 120

Tailstock sleeve taper: MT4

Tool post type: 4 position electric tool post

Tool bar section (mm): 20*20/25*25

Machine dimension (L×W×H) (mm): 2050/2300×1400×1600

N.W (Kg): 1800/2050

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