CNC Lathe CK6136A

Small CK6136A CNC Lathe can automatically complete the internal and external circles, end faces, grooving, arbitrary cone surface and other processes.

Standard Configuration

1. System: GSK928TD-L

2. Single spindle, Frequency conversion step-less speed regulation

3. Manual 3-jaw chuck, 4-station electric tool holder.

4. Manual tail-stock, Servo motor for X Z

5. Cooling system, Lighten system, Automatic lubrication system

Optional Configuration

Optional brands of CNC systems: SIEMENS、FANUC

Optional types of the tool post: horizontal 6-station、horizontal 8-station

Optional types of the workpiece clamping: hydraulic chuck、pneumatic chuck、spring chuck

Optional types of the tailstock: Hydraulic tailstock、pneumatic tailstock

Optional patterns of feeding: Automatic feeding


Max. swing over bed: 360mm

Max. swing over carriage: 190mm

Length of work piece: 750mm

Width of the machine: 330mm

Size of three-jaw chuck: 200mm

Range of spindle speed: 150-2000rpm

Spindle bore: 60mm

Taper of spindle bore: MT6

Stations of tool carrier: 4 station tool carrier

Min. setting unit of motor: (Z) long 0.001mm,(X) cross0.001mm

Moving speed of post: (Z) long 8 m/min,(X) cross 6m/min

Taper of tailstock quill: MT4

Max. range of Sleeve travel: 120mm

Motor power: 5.5KW

Packing size(length × width × height): 2120*1400*1650mm

Net weight: 1750KG

Power Supply: Three phase 380V/50HZ

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