CNC Lathe CJK6180B

This machine is suitable to process the middle and large size work piece in steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metal material. With the feature of big power and high rigidity, this machine is applied to heavy-cut the inner circle, ex-circle, end surface and thread in both metric and English system, and could drill and bore the holes.


1. Horizontal lathe bed.

2. Extra large spindle bore: φ105.

3. Bed way is treated by super audio quenching.

4. Saddle of the bed and joint surface of the sliding guide rail are laminated by the plastic.

5. Feeding system is controlled by the servo drive.

6. Accurate ball screw combined with high precision composite bearing structure...

7. Ball screw and the joint surface of the sliding guide rail are auto forced lubrication.

8. The station of the turret can be chosen from vertical type 4 station, vertical 6station and horizontal 6 stations, and so on.

9. We can set up the manual operation, pneumatic, hydraulic chucks and tailstock.

10. The control systems include GSK, KND, SIMENS, and FANUC and so on.


Max.swim over bed (mm): Φ800

Max.swim over carriage (mm) : Φ480

Max.length of work piece (mm): 1000mm、1500mm

Spindle speed: auto 3 gear steps, Stepless variable speed change in the step

Number of spindle speeds: Stepless variable speeds

Range of spindle speed (r/min): 25-850

Spindle nose: C11

Spindle bore(mm): φ105

Taper hole of spindle Metric 120: 1:20

Motor power (KW): 11

Drive system (mm): X 530 Z 1200,1700

Rapid speeds(mm/min): X 4000 Z 5000

Min.feed increment(mm): X 0.01 Z 0.015

Workpiece accuracy: IT6-IT7

Surface roughness: Ra1.6

Tailstock diameter of tailstock quill(mm): φ100

Tailstock sleeve strock: 250

Tailstock sleeve hole taper: Mohs 6#

Standard configuration: Vertical 4-position electrical tool carrier

Optional configuration: Horizontal 6-position electrical tool carrier

Repeated positioning accuracy (mm) : 0.01

The cross profile of tool post (mm) : 30×30

Packing size (mm): 3200/3700×1820×1780

Weight (kg): 3600/3900

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