Vertical Wheel Repair Machine AWR901VP

The machine adopts gantry structure with high precision and good stability. Smaller body, larger processing size. Based on years of experience in the manufacture and sales and combined with users’ feedback, we have carried out a variety of user-friendly designs. With touch screen, it is easy to learn and operate. Pneumatic safety door, one-key operate to prevent accidental injury. Pneumatic chip removal device, faster and less laborious. 4-station electric tool carrier, higher automation and more efficient. Magnetic hand-wheel unit, can adsorbs on any place of the lathe, easy to carry and use. It is equipped with high-precision servo motor to perfectly restore the original curve of wheel. It can realize various repair effects such as mirror finish and different density textured finish etc..


Control System: CNC_WheelCurve Software V2.0

Max.size repair wheels (inch): 32

Max. depth of wheels (mm): 550

No.& type of guide in X-axis: Two Linear

No.& type of guide in Z-axis: Four Linear

Range of spindle speed (rpm): 10-1500

Spindle type/power: 5.5KW (servo motor)

Type of tool holder: 4 position electric tool holder (manual tool holder available)

Max. size of tool post: 25*25mm

Detection method: Ruby probe (laser detection available)

Machine size (L*W*H, mm): 1600*1030*1900

Net weight (Kg): 1250


Diamond Tool & Ruby Probe

Gantry Structure & Linear Guide

17" Multi-Touch Interface

High Precision Servo Motor

Simple Optimization Software

4-Position Electric Turret

Pneumatic Safety Door

Magnetic Hand-Wheel Unit

Pneumatic Chip Removing Device

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