Vertical Wheel Repair Machine AWR802VC

The AWR802 series is a new generation of vertical wheel repair machine independently developed by CRYSTAL. It combines many years of R&D experience and market feedback from different customers’ needs. The new design reduced the body size again, reduced the occupy area and transportation costs. On the basis of retaining the characteristics of simple operating system, cast iron gantry structure, electric 4-station turret and so on, we also use the finite element analysis of two-axis structure design, electrical element modularization, open-mode optional device and other special upgrades for your convenient use. Finally, we made it a small body with big cutting ability and multi-functional machine.


Max. cutting size of wheel: 30’’

Max. cutting depth of wheel: 400mm

Size/packing size: 1.45*1.02*1.96/1.55*1.12*2.16m

Weight/packing weight: 1250/1350Kg

Power supply: 3phase, 380V, 50/60Hz (customizable)

Synten 6TA-E

CNC_WheelCurve Software V2.0


Stainless steel button

4-direction electric turret

Air blowing&cooling on turret

1 set ruby-probe contact detection system

15cm tip left&right R1.5PCD cutters

28cm tip left&right R1.5PCD cutters

R0.4, R0.8 replaceable cutter(available)

250mm chuck&4 extended jaws

Door closing signal detection

Anti-clip electric front door

1 main working light + 2 rear auxiliary LED lamp

1 spotlight light

3-color operating status indicator lamp

X/Z linear&screw auto lubrication

Waste oil collection system

Relay modular

1 camera+9’’ display

Waste remove air gun

4 Foma wheel(level adjustment support caster)

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