Horizontal Wheel Repair Machine WRM28H-S

2024 new generation horizontal wheel repair machine WRM28H-S is an advantageous product independently developed by CRYSTAL. It has made many improvements and upgrades on the basis of WRM28H. The configuration is more advanced, the parameters and layout are more optimized, and it can meet the needs of different customers to a greater extent. This product uses a 4 station electric tool holder, X/Z axis linear rails and a double-side PC control system, making it more automated and efficient. It can achieve various repair effects such as mirror surface and brushed surface with different densities.


1. Four-station electric tool holder, one-button switching, fast and convenient.

2. X/Z axis linear guide rail, high processing precision and fast movement speed.

3. 17-inch industrial display screen, touch control, multi-language optional.

4. Dual PC control system, two-side operation, adaptable to different operating habits.

5. Self-developed wheel repair software can automatically optimize.

6. The guide rail fully protected to extend the service life.

7. Straighten function optional, which is cost-effective and efficient.

8. The X/Z stroke are increased to meet the cutting needs of different sizes.


Max.swim over bed: Φ770mm

Max.length of work piece: 710mm(28”)

Max. Stroke of the X-axis(mm): 390mm

Max. Stroke of the Z-axis (mm): 880mm

Range of spindle speed: 50-2000rpm

Size of the three-jaw chuck: 13inch

Spindle bore: Φ82mm

Taper of spindle bore: MT6

Stations of tool carrier: 4 position

Max.size of tool post: 25*25mm

Motor power: 4KW

Machine size(length*width*height): 2280*1370*2260mm

Net weight: 1350kg

Gross weight: 1440kg

Standard Configurations

1. Wireless key&mouse 1 set

2. Diamond cutter 1 set left

3. Diamond cutter 1 set right

4. Special ordered soft jaws 1 set

5. High precision prob system 1 set

6. 4 station electric tool holder

7. Full cover safety door

8. English version manual instruction and training video

9. Automatic lubrication system, cooling system, lighting system

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