Horizontal Wheel Repair Machine AWR28H

CNC alloy wheel lathe machines are designed for repair and refurbish alloy wheel, be applied to the full face and lip of the wheel. The machine is more efficient and very easy to operate, operator don’t need to learn complicated programme, It can cut spectacular finishes and achieve mirror finishing, different density textured finishing etc..

Standard Configurations

1. SYNTEC CNC system.

2. Diamond Cutter 1 set

3. One probe sensor.

4. 3-Jaws Chuck(With Special Soft Jaws)

5. 4position tool turret.

6. Full enclose protection door.

7. Photoelectric protection switch.

8. Special designed optimization software.

9. English version manual instruction and training video.

10. Automatic lubrication system, cooling system, lighting system.

Optional Configuration

1. 6 jaw chuck

2. Longer diamond cutter

3. Transformer

4. PC system

Wheel Repair Lathe Advantages

1. Cuts wheel up to 28’’.

2. With CE, SGS, ISO, BV certificates.

3. Automatic ruby probe system.

4. Easy Operation.

5. Self-developed optimization software.

6. Free Training video and manual instructions.

7. 7x24 hours technology support.

8. 2 USB interface.

9. High efficiency and economic.

10. Two-year warranty.

11. Free factory hand-to-hand training.

12. Agencies in UK, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Australia etc

Wheel Repair Machine Features

High performance CNC system

High precision servo motors

Simple optimization software

4 position insert turret

Special-made 3 steps claw

Amplified 3-claw chuck

Lighting/Cooling/Auto-Lubrication system


Max. swing over bed (mm)(inch): 770(30”)

Max. diameter of alloy wheel(mm) (inch): 720(28’’)

Size of the three-jaw chuck(mm): 320

Range of spindle speed (RPM): 50~2000

Spindle speed control: Automatic

Adjustable stroke of carrier in X direction: 100mm

Max. size of tool post: 25×25mm

Stations of tool carrier: 4 position

Motor power(KW): 7.5

Net weight(KGS): 2150

Gross weight(KGS): 2250

Packing size(L*W*H, mm): 2300*1760*2150

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