When your wheels need diamond cutting cnc

We are a wheel repair equipment manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. In this blog we will learn more about wheel repair machine CNC and see when diamond cutting will be used.

When your wheels need diamond cutting cnc

1. Change the style of the wheel. Some wheels have been used for a long time or have old styles. Some customers may want to change the style of the wheels. The wheel can be changed to a brushed style or a mirror style using the wheel repair lathe.

2. The wheel encountered small scratches, such as rubbing against the curb or being scratched by pebbles. When encountering such an accident, diamond cutting CNC can be used to cut part of the wheel.

3. Renovation. The old diamond cutting wheels are no longer in glory and can be easily refurbished using diamond cutting CNC.

When your wheels need diamond cutting cnc

How to carry out diamond cutting in these situations?

1. According to the shape and condition of the wheel, find the outermost part of the wheel and cut the wheel according to your preference. Remove the wheel from the tire, clean it, put it on the wheel repair equipment, detect the other side of the wheel, select the wheel surface you want to change, and use the machine to cut it. After diamond cutting, you need to spray varnish to prevent the surface of the wheel from oxidation.

2. When the wheel encounters small scratches, you can first remove the wheel, clean the wheel surface and inspect the wheel for damage. Use aluminum alloy putty to fill the scratches on the wheel, install the wheel to the wheel repair equipment, select the damaged part to repair the wheel, after the wheel is repaired, use varnish spray to protect the wheel.

3. For old diamond cutting wheels, first check whether there are scratches or other damage. If not, clean the wheel and place it directly on the wheel repair equipment for repair. After repair, spray paint protection is completed.

Friends, the wheel repair machine mentioned above recommends our company's diamond cutting wheel repair machine AWR904VP, which is vertical, small in size, simple and easy to operate.

If you are interested in wheel repair equipment, please feel free to contact us.

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