Wheel repair machine brings wheel back to like new condition

Alloy wheel refurbishment is popular on the wheel repair market. So many friends ask what is alloy wheel refurbishment? Alloy wheel refurbishment is the process of restoring alloy wheels to return them to original surface after damage. Alloy wheels are prone to chips, scratches and damage from everyday driving, which is why alloy wheel refurbishment has become a popular method of restoring alloy wheels to their original condition.

What is diamond cutting? Diamond cutting is where an alloy wheel is placed on wheel repair machine and some or all of the painted surface is machined away, leaving a shiny surface. This process creates very fine lines that you can see if you look closely. In fact, a small portion of the alloy is machined away to achieve this finish. A varnish is then applied to prevent corrosion. Are alloys worth refurbishing? Yes, it's worth refurbishing your alloy wheels, especially if they have serious damage. Whether you want to repair damage, improve the overall appearance or preserve the value of your car, refurbishing alloy wheels can not only improve the overall appearance of your car, but also make it safer to drive.

How many times can alloy wheels be refurbished? Generally speaking, alloy wheels only need to be refurbished two or three times. However, this may vary depending on the overall situation. Wheels need to be treated and evaluated on a case-by-case basis, as each wheel may have its own issues. For example, handling brittle wheels may cause problems when refurbishing, whereas new wheels with minor damage will be easily repaired and can withstand multiple retreads. There is a limit to the number of times a diamond can cut an alloy. This is because the cutting head on the diamond cutting wheel repair machine removes a thin layer of metal from the surface every time the grinding wheel goes through the diamond cutting process.

Wheel repair machine brings wheel back to like new condition

When can alloy wheels not be refurbished? While alloy wheels can usually be refurbished, in some cases wheel refurbishment can be difficult or impossible. For example, a wheel may not be refurbished if it has too much corrosion, is too damaged, or has not been repaired with welding. A diamond cut surface usually lasts about two years. It will show signs of corrosion more quickly if you drive frequently at high speeds or on uneven surfaces; both of which increase the chance of stone chips and scratches. What happens if your alloy wheels are refurbished too many times? If the alloys are retreaded too many times, the wheels may become brittle and prone to more damage. This is because when a wheel is refurbished, a thin layer of the metal surface is removed each time. If you've refurbished your alloy wheels multiple times, it might be time to invest in some new alloys rather than risk refurbishing your old alloy wheels again.

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Wheel repair machine brings wheel back to like new condition

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