How to repair a curbed wheel

When driving every day, we will accidentally knock against the stones on the roadside or rub against the roadside fence, causing scratches or small bumps to the wheel. At this time, we need to perform certain repairs and maintenance on the wheel. At the same time, when we clean our wheels, we also need to pay extra attention when choosing acidic cleaning fluid, because the acidic cleaning fluid may corrode the varnish on the surface of the wheel, causing the metal layer of the wheel to be directly exposed to the air and be harmed.

When the wheel encounters this situation, how do we repair and maintain it?

1. We can grind and polish the wheels ourselves, sand them with appropriate sandpaper, and then spray them with primer and clear coat.

2. We can also use diamond cutting alloy wheel repair machine for cutting.

Diamond cutting machine is a common machine on the market for repairing wheel surfaces. This machine is easy to operate and has good repair effects. Let me show you how this type of machine works. Take the vertical diamond cutting wheel repair machine produced by our company as an example.

How to repair a curbed wheel

Wheel diamond cutting repair involves 4 steps. First, after starting up, we need to set the coordinates of the cutter tool and probe. Then install the wheel, perform curve detection on the wheel surface, set the starting point of the probe, and the machine will automatically detect. After the wheel curve detection is completed, the wheel curve is automatically optimized. Select the optimized wheel curve and start wheel cutting. By changing the cutting parameters, different wheel curve effects can be obtained.

In order to avoid wheel damage, we can take some measures in our daily life to protect our wheel hubs.

Pay attention to the stones on the roadside, especially when parking or reversing. If you are not careful, you may rub the surface of the wheel.

When going to a car wash for repairs, be sure to choose the right cleaning agent.

How to repair a curbed wheel

Friends, if you are interested in our diamond cutting wheel repair machine, welcome to contact us for more details.

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