Do you have the problem of wheel damage

Alloy wheels are used to refer to wheel rims manufactured using magnesium or aluminum alloys or both. Since magnesium is an essential element, these wheels are also called Mag wheels.

In the past, car wheels have always been produced from steel because of their strength, durability, and decent appearance. The use of alloy wheels increased due to high demand by motor sport companies. The commercial market began to adopt them, which caused their prices to go down. But alloy wheels are also easy to damage.

Striking a pothole might be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about wheel damage. Potholes can be found on roads in most cities and towns, and can cause serious wheel damage to unsuspecting drivers. The impact and angle at which your wheels hit a pothole influence how much damage is delivered. Whenever you hit a significant pothole you should inspect your vehicle. If it is just a simple scratch, you can use diamond cutting technology to repair it.

alloy wheel refurbishment is a type of alloy wheel finish that uses a special CNC wheel lathe to remove part or whole of the painted surface on a wheel. You get a shiny alloy finish as the final effect. This is then treated with a lacquer to avoid any corrosion in the future. To this end, according to market demand, Taian Crystal developed the latest wheel repair machine.

Do you have the problem of wheel damage

WRM28H-S is a new generation of horizontal diamond cutting alloy wheel repair machine, which integrates many years of R&D experience and market research needs. This machine adopts 4 position electric turret, X/Z axis linear guide and double PC control panel to make it more automatic and efficient. TheV3.0 software can realize the adjustment of spindle speed, detection speed and cutting speed during working and automatic perform repetitive cutting. Meanwhile, it can be equipped with straightening function. Multi-speed adjustable, install with magnification knobs, which can change the spindle speed, detection and cutting speed as needed during work. Repetitive cutting times can be set freely, human machine friendly, convenient and time-saving. The machine is equipped with dual screens,cater to both left&right-handed people, double l7’ multi-touch industrial PC, humanized design concept. And the machine is equipped with 4 position electric tool holder, one-touch switching. Quick and convenient, can install detection system and 3 cutters at the same time.

Do you have the problem of wheel damage? Contact Taian Crystal immediately to solve your problems.

Do you have the problem of wheel damage

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