Wheel Alignment & Balancer TCM710

The highly accuracy wheel balancer TCM710 ensures an accurate result within hundredths of an ounce, give you a vibration-free wheel balance every time.


1. Standard 40mm lead screw, all the common balancer accessories can be used.It can apply to 1”-28” wheel rim,he balance shaft length 300mm, also applies to special tires.

2. This machine has power adapter, avoiding the various disadvantages of voltage instability.

3. This machine with different tire modes,include passenger car, motorcycle and SUV. The motorcycle adaptor is optional for motorcycle wheel balancing.

4. With standard USB interface. It is convenient to upgrade the newer software.

5. Low balancing speed with 140 rpm; accuracy±1g; second time mounting on precision: less or equal to 5g.

6. The balance shaft can be idling, without requirement for the tire weight, can self-test for the zero-axial, high degree of precision.

7. With 255 tooth of the electrical-optical raster, it can make the test data more precise.

8. Compare with the plastic measuring instrument.

9. The aluminum automatic measuring instrument not easy to deform and measurement more accurate.


1. With power-saving mode, if the machine hasn't been used for 5 min, it will enter standby mode automatically.

2. Three value automatic input, including 5 types of ALU modes and 2 types of smart modes, tire OPT modes modes and wheel weight hidden modes. Design of open programs, allows the users edit their practice mode to operate the balance for their own need. It can greatly increase the productivity.

3. With electromagnetic clutch brake, can positioning the unbalanced position in medical lateral accurately.


Max. Wheel diameter: 1100mm

Wheel width: 1.5-20”

Rim diameter: 1-28”

Rotating speed: 140rpm

Motor voltage: 100-230V 1ph

Motor power: 90w

Balance period: 7s

Balancing precision: ±1g

Second time mounting on precision: ≤5g

Max. Wheel weight: 75KG

Net weight: 132KG

Gross weight: 170KG

Packing dimension: 1070X760X1150mm

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