Pipe Thread CNC Lathe CK0660

Pipe thread CNC lathe CK0660 is for PVC, PE and other plastic pipe thread, extra large spindle bore can custom-made according to customers' requirement.


The biggest feature of CK0660 is that you can make the extra large spindle hubs according to the customers' requirements, and it can reach 200mm at most. It is used in the machining of the oil pipeline, plumbing pipe, and natural gas pipe and all the big pipe diameter material.


1. Big diameter of spindle bore, and the customer can choose the size of the spindle.

2. The foundation of the railroad has a good structure and a heat dissipation to improve the stability of the machine tool and the spindle more effectively.

3. Both Ball Bearings and Ball Bearings are high quality ball bearings, which are stable and can load more weight when they are working.

4. The guide rail is made of resistant cast iron, and treated by the super audio quenching, which can guarantee the precision and the longevity of the machine.

5. X axis adopts 4 points a line structure and Z axis adopts 3 points a line design structure, to ensure the stability of the machine.

Z axis is designed to be fully closed to the rail while it is working.

Standard configuration

1. System:GSK-928TDL

2. Collets (customzied according to customer’s pipe sizes)

3. 4 station turret

4. Supporter

5. Lighting system

6. Cooling system

7. Automatic lubrication system

8. 3 phase 380v, if you need others,please let us know in advance.


Max. swing over bed: 600mm

Max. swing over carriage: 250mm

Max. processing length: 260mm

Range of spindle speed: 50-1000rpm

Spindle bore: 200mm

Min. setting unit of motor: (Z) 0.001mm (X) 0.001mm

Moving speed of post: (Z) 6 m/min (X) 4 m/min

Repeatability: (Z) 0.010 mm (X)0.007mm

Motor power: 4KW

Packing size: 2020×1230×2000mm

Weight: 1500KG

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Pipe Thread CNC Lathe


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