Why do you choose Crystal wheel repair machine

When driving and parking, it is inevitable that friends accidentally rub their car on the road tongs (tooth). If you are unlucky in the pit that is too large, it will scratch the wheel hub.

In addition, if you drive with almost no air in the tires, it may cause serious deformation and damage to the wheels. In this case, be sure to ask a master for help in a professional tire shop/repair shop. If it is deformed, replace the wheels in time. , So as to avoid danger. How much is the wheel? The price is expensive for your best cars. So people want to find a best way to repair wheels.

So, does the scratched wheel need to be repaired?

From an aesthetic point of view, if a car-loving friend cares about this problem, it is of course necessary to fix it; if you don't care about a little bit of the car, then this is not a problem.

From a security perspective. Minor scratches will not affect the safety of your car, but if the scratch area is larger and deeper, it will inevitably affect the rigidity of the wheel. It is better to replace the new wheel.

If there is a bump, it is absolutely impossible to repair it. Each wheel must be heat treated at the factory to strengthen the toughness of the wheel. If your wheel is bumped and deformed, you can only heat the sheet metal, but this changes the internal molecular structure of the wheel. Make the wheel brittle, but there is a greater danger.

How to repair wheel scratches?

First, you will need a automatic diamond cut wheel repair machine AWR902VP.

The wheel repair machine is a lathe that automatically detects the original surface of the wheel surface to obtain the curve coordinates of the surface, and then uses a diamond tool to completely repair the surface of the wheel along the detected curve. Why now more wheel repair shops choose to use wheel lathes to repair the injured wheel surface? Because the wheel repair lathe can not only repair the scratches on the wheel surface, but also repair different wheel surface effects, making the wheel surface look cooler than before. The repair of the wheel through the traditional grinding and filling materials, although the wheel hub can be restored to the original, but the wheel cannot be better treated. Therefore, the wheel repair machine shows superiority in alloy wheel repair.

What’s the best wheel repair wheel repair machine for your to choose. I will answer that will be Crystal wheel repair machine.

The development of wheel repair lathe should be developed earlier, from the early use of ordinary non-CNC lathe to CNC lathe, to industrial PC control; From horizontal wheel lathe to vertical wheel lathe, has been developed for several generations. Each generation of updates has embodied the good quality of the machine. And each generation of wheel repair lathe research and development design is worth the customer to affirm. Crystal wheel repair machine continuously upgrade and improve our wheel repair lathe, and independently developed optimization software. Through optimization software, the detection curve is optimized to obtain a perfect cutting program, adjust the feed parameters of the two axes of the machine, control the movement speed of the two axes, and achieve the mirror effect. If the surface of your wheel hub is seriously damaged, don’t worry that our lathe can also be repaired. First of all, we recommend a comprehensive repair to achieve the overall perfect repair effect; of course, if you only want to repair the damaged area, you can use the control panel The optimized software for local detection curve processing and local deepening cutting can also achieve perfect repair.

Crystal has a team of professional technicians and marketing elites who have invested a lot of manpower and material resources to provide customers with technical training and professional on-site problem solutions, dispel customer concerns with integrity, and win customer trust and support with excellent professional technology. With the best service attitude, we can ensure smooth and efficient operation of customers, achieve real low investment, high return, and achieve a win-win goal.

Why do you choose Crystal wheel repair machine

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