Wheel repair machine will make you stand out during an epidemic

If you are running a car repair shop, do you know how to gain a foothold in the auto repair industry with a big competition and make money? As a leader in the wheel repair industry, in the face of the increasingly competitive wheel service market, you must hope to provide customers with better quality services, making customers' wheels more stylish, high-end, cool. Therefore, crystal wheel repair machine (https://youtu.be/bJ4vKbTNsig) is an effective guarantee for your career growth.

The impact of the epidemic on the macro economy is mainly reflected in two aspects: first, the spread of panic sentiment has led to a decline in investor confidence, which has triggered financial and capital market turmoil; second, the isolation measures to control the epidemic have pressed the pause button on the economy , Thereby causing pressure on both the consumer and production sides. New types of coronary pneumonia have appeared in many countries, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. This is a common challenge facing all mankind. At the same time, the global economy is increasingly affected by this epidemic. With the gradual stabilization of the epidemic, the enterprise has entered the stage of full-scale resumption of work. Will the company usher in vitality and enter a state of continuous profitability when it is fully resumed? not necessarily. As the enterprises resumed work one after another, the impact of the epidemic on the auto repair industry also slowly surfaced. Today we will take a look at the impact of the epidemic on the auto repair industry, to see if it affects you?

The impact of the epidemic on store operations.

How much impact will the early or late resumption of work have on the store performance? Affected by the epidemic situation, resuming work has become one of the most concerned topics for auto repair bosses. The auto parts shop was burnt. Many stores hope to resume work as soon as possible to reduce the impact of the epidemic on corporate performance. However, according to the survey data above, it is not necessarily the mainstream view to resume work early. 36.2% of the auto repair bosses think that the impact is not large, it is best to uniformly stipulate according to local policies, because other stores opened not earlier than me; 39.5% said that the impact of resuming work sooner or later is difficult to predict, on the one hand, it faces business risks On the other hand, the early start of work may not be able to achieve the expected business volume; 24.3% of auto repair people expressed concern that customers will be robbed and the impact is relatively large. According to the car manager's understanding, except for a small number of 4S stores that can be resumed early, the repair time of repair stores is mostly uniform and has little effect.

In addition, we should realize that the operation of the customer is not a one-off process. It is a process that requires long-term accumulation and maintenance. After all, the auto repair industry is different from other industries such as clothing or catering. Customers will not interrupt their customer relationship because of an emergency. With the gradual stabilization of the epidemic, it is now coming to an end. Under this circumstance, auto repair stores have also made many adjustments to better adapt to the current status of the industry:

1. Add new equipment, improve the level of wheel repair, and attract more customers. When it comes to improving the level of wheel repair, the first thing that comes to mind is the wheel lathe. As a special equipment for wheel surface repair, the wheel lathe plays an irreplaceable role. What is the advantage of wheel repair machine?

First, the operation is convenient and simple. The vertical wheel repair machine is more convenient and labor-saving for the hub installation process. What the operator need to do is place the wheel on the jaws of the chuck and then secure the jaws. The horizontal wheel repair machine requires one hand to support the wheel hub and the other hand to fix the claws, which is very laborious. Another important advantage is that the wheel of the vertical structure has a low installation position and is close to the operator. It is easier for the operator to observe the position of the probe and the knife holder during the operation, which improves the accuracy of the wheel repair.

Second, the volume is small and the repair size is large. Vertical wheel lathes generally have a relatively small volume and a small footprint. If a wheel repair shop or car repair shop does not have a lot of room for a wheel repair machine, a vertical wheel lathe is a very good choice. Although the size of the vertical wheel repair machine is small, our engineers have maximized the turning diameter of the machine in a limited space, and correspondingly increased the size of the wheel that can be repaired. At present, the maximum size of our repaired wheel can reach 32inch, which can meet the repair of most wheel sizes.

Crystal wheel repair machine can greatly improve the efficiency and level of wheel repair. The wheel repair machine is an effective guarantee for your career growth.

Wheel repair machine will make you stand out during an epidemic

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