Wheel repair machine makes wheels look beautiful once more

Alloy wheels are considered to be one of the most attractive parts of cars. Nowadays, alloy wheels have appeared on most vehicles, especially newer cars. If professionally processed, alloy wheels will greatly improve the aesthetics of your car. Compared with steel wheels, the most prominent advantage of light alloy wheels is their appearance and increases the value of the vehicle.

Alloy wheels are generally made by casting or forging. Finally, it is well known that they are lighter than steel wheels, and forged steel is generally stronger than cast steel. Whether it is manufactured by forging or casting, the production method can carry out complex designs, which helps the alloy wheels achieve the appearance that many drivers want to complement their car designs.

However, during driving, wheel damage is inevitable, which requires refurbishing the wheels. Wheel refurbishment companies use a variety of methods to repair and refurbish aluminum alloy wheels. Among these methods, the most popular methods are powder coating, diamond cutting and cosmetic repair. In this article, we will specifically discuss the repair process of diamond cut alloy wheels.

Compared with other options (such as powder coating and cosmetic repair), the diamond cut alloy wheel repair process provides an excellent and long-lasting finish. Most of the damage to the alloy wheel is usually the surface damage to the shiny part of the alloy, so the entire belt is usually not required. This is the opportunity for Finishing Touch Alloys to provide the best mobile diamond cutting service.

The overhaul of diamond cutting alloy wheels cannot be done like touch-up, because it requires the use of alloy wheel repair machine.

The next step is to prepare and trim the wheel to deal with the damage caused by the edges and surface of the rim.

Next, the alloy is fixed to a diamond cutting wheel repair machine and configured and balanced for surface cutting. Before performing the refurbishment of diamond cutting wheels, many aspects need to be considered. For example, you need to check whether the wheel has been cut. It is important to check this because alloy wheels can only be cut a limited number of times. Considering the nature of the process, our diamond cutting machine is carefully designed to cut as little surface metal as possible.

The diamond cutting process involves using a lathe to remove the thin alloy layer from the grinding wheel. Initially, the surface of the wheel was very smooth. No paint can remain unchanged by peeling. In contrast, diamond cutting prepares the surface for polishing and finishing, which allows the aesthetic appearance to last longer.

Wheel repair machine makes wheels look beautiful once more

In order to obtain effective results, it is recommended to perform 2-3 diamond cutting processes. Here, it is important not to remove too many layers, as it will make the surface too thin and eventually cause cracks.

In short, this process involves the following steps:

1. Use high-quality equipment to remove tires.

2. Match the ID numbers of tires and wheels to avoid confusion.

3. Remove surface grease.

4. Put the alloy wheel into the lathe to prepare for cutting.

5. Apply a layer of varnish and cure it to prevent wheels from wearing.

6. Check the surface carefully to ensure that the surface is smooth and flat.

7. Replace tires.

8. Check the pressure and balance the wheels.

If you are interested in diamond cut wheel repair machine, please contact us.We have the technology to ensure that any damage caused to the precious alloy wheels can be rectified to make wheels look beautiful once more.

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