Wheel repair machine maintenance advice for porsche

Last week, I got a question from my friend Isaac. “Hello, I just joined since I'm buying my first Porsche next week! It’s a 2001 Boxster Base with 36k miles on it. Its only had one owner and I think I'm getting a pretty good deal. I've been trying to research things like, what do I need to look for, what should I be focusing maintenance on, ect. Any advice welcome!” This is a good question for me, because I am an expert in wheel repair machine. Of course, I will give him some good suggestions from the maintenance of the wheels.

Under normal circumstances, after a long run and wind and rain, the original existence and the beautiful luster on the wheel are not so bright. Especially for sports cars, it can show its vitality and unrestrained personality when running, and it must be perfect when it stops, which is perfect. Sometimes if you are not careful, small scratches may appear on the surface of the wheel, which is unbearable. Have you checked your wheels? Do you need to make them brighter? Then my suggestion to you is to find a repair shop with a wheel lathe and let him use the wheel repair lathe to turn the old wheel into a brand new one.

If you are interested, you can first understand what is the wheel repair lathe, you may be more confident in his function.

The wheel repair machine is a lathe that automatically detects the original surface of the wheel surface to obtain the curve coordinates of the surface, and then uses a diamond tool to completely repair the surface of the wheel along the detected curve. Why now more wheel repair shops choose to use wheel lathes to repair the injured wheel surface? Because the wheel repair lathe can not only repair the scratches on the wheel surface, but also repair different wheel surface effects, making the wheel surface look cooler than before. The repair of the wheel through the traditional grinding and filling materials, although the wheel hub can be restored to the original, but the wheel cannot be better treated. Therefore, the wheel repair machine shows superiority in alloy wheel repair.

In the past five years, the global automotive repair and maintenance industry has become more and more recognized for wheel repair lathes. The number of used lathes has become more and more popular from the previous niche. More and more car repair shops, 4S shops are willing to invest in a wheel repair lathe. The product that our company has recently researched and marketed is a vertical PC intelligent automatic diamond cut alloy wheel repair lathe. It is a relatively advanced equipment in the world. It has been widely praised by customers during its use. In comparison with other similar products, customers also prefer our latest product. Because of automation, intelligent equipment is always a product that people now prefer and pursue. With the rapid development of the times and the era of speed and results, this wheel repair lathe is the best choice for alloy wheel repair.

Driving is a kind of enjoyment of speed and passion. I hope that our diamond cut alloy wheel repair lathe can serve more owners in the future.

Wheel repair machine maintenance advice for porsche

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