Wheel repair machine leaves alloy wheel repair workshops with outstanding opportunities

Today, most cars are equipped with alloy wheels. Many poor road conditions mean that these wheels are easily damaged. Every day, thousands of alloy wheels will have different damages, such as cracks, encounter rubble, produce various spots, and paint, face scratching and discoloration caused minor damage. With the improvement of living standards, today's car owners and dealers are increasingly pursuing a cost-effective maintenance method to restore damaged wheels to their original appearance.

Recently, the use of diamond-cut alloy wheels has been increased, and more and more vehicles choose diamond cutting to repair aluminum alloy wheels. Therefore, the service volume of alloy wheel repair will now show a continuous growth trend, and the opportunities for wheel repair companies will also increase. This in turn means that the maintenance demand for these special alloys is definitely rising. But at the same time, because there is no professional equipment to repair the damaged alloy wheels, there are still many wheel repair shops, automobile companies and independent wheel repairers have to send the alloy wheels to professional repair shops. This means that their profit margin will be greatly reduced, maintenance turnaround time will be greatly increased, and many customers may be lost.

Taian Crystal Machinery Co., Ltd is a leader in the development, training and after-sales service of alloy wheel repair machine. We have designed the best machines that can produce with excellent finishes for alloy wheels, while being very efficient. Our wheel repair machines have an easy-to-use touch screen interface that simplifies the detection and cutting process, and the built-in digital optimization software means that no separate computer system is required to house the software. The wheel repair machine provides a simple, fast and affordable solution for alloy wheel repair, which enables the repair shop to obtain more business opportunities. Can help wheel repair companies solve the problem of low profits, so that they can reduce the turnaround time of wheel repairs, improve repair efficiency, and thus improve profitability. Our diamond cut CNC lathe are fast, affordable and easy to use, it has remote software support, comprehensive technical support and practical training. These diamond cutting machines come in three sizes, the most popular being alloy wheels that can cut up to 28 inches. The device also means that technicians can cut the wheel and store the profile on the system to build their own library of wheel profiles, saving time and money.

The wheel repair machine has brought a revolution in wheel refurbishment. In wheel refurbishment, business speed and quality are critical. If you can prepare alloy wheels for repair and painting in less than 3 minutes, you can improve the work process, increase efficiency, attract more customers, and maximize revenue.

Our wheel repair lathe can repair wheels up to 28 inches, and has a manual chuck with soft jaws, a 4-position manual tool holder and automatic spindle control. Based on our existing customer experience, technicians in body repair shops can repair up to dozens of wheels per day. It is really as simple as probing, optimizing and cutting.

With the help of our lathes, the wheel repair shop will no longer subcontract the repair of aluminum alloy wheels, but will use our wheel repair lathes for repairs in order to get the maximum return from this lucrative wheel market. Crystal can provide comprehensive practical training, backup services, and remote software support for all lathe buyers, and show customers how to begin to maximize returns and take advantage of this outstanding potential source of income.

Many customers said that our specially designed wheel repair lathes for alloy wheel repairs have given them more opportunities to quickly enter the lucrative aluminum alloy wheel repair market. CRYSTAL can provide the right equipment and systems to help auto trading companies maximize their revenue potential by adding alloy wheel repair services to their service portfolio.

Wheel repair machine leaves alloy wheel repair workshops with outstanding opportunities

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