Wheel repair machine feedback from customer of Europe

On 30th July, our European customer received his diamond cut wheel repair machine AWR28H. This machine was purchased on the ending of June, and shipped on the beginning of June.

AWR28H is one of our best seller based on CNC system. After years of promotion by our technician, the machine can be operated very easily. We send customer manual and training video. He operated the machine accordingly and got perfectly finished wheels. Customer is very satisfied with our machine, thus he send picture with thanks in Chinese. He also made statement that he want to have further cooperation with Taian Crystal Machinery Co., Ltd. Thanks so much for customers’ trust and support. It is a great pleasure working with you. All the encouragement fro customers will be our driving force for a higher level. And we promise to do our best to present even better products in the future.

As is known, the majority of new cars come with alloy wheels as standard and requirement for different designs are increasing with this growing market. There is more and more demand for diamond cut wheel repair or other DIY wheel design. Here comes the question, What kind of wheels that need to be repaired?

In the daily use of vehicles, the possibility that damage the alloy wheels is very high. When the wheel is slightly damaged, the cost to replace the old wheel with a new one is too high. On the contrary, wheel repair effect is obvious and the price is reasonable, which means it is a good choice. Usually, the damage of aluminium alloy wheel is caused by external force, which can be divided into three types.

1.Surface damage. The wear and abrasion on the wheel surface are the majority part.

2.Deformation damage. The wheel is deformed and twisted under the action of external force.

3.Fracture damage. When the wheel suffered from strong impact, it will have different degrees of fracture.

Then how to repair these three types wheels?

1.For surface damage, the easiest way is polish it manually. Also, you can send them to the repair shop, they will provide you a complete repair process. The fastest way is diamond cutting. Using a diamond cutting machine to cut the surface of the wheel with 0.1 to 0.3mm to bring back a totally new-looking wheel. This is very popular in developed countries. Wheels’ surface is the face of drivers. It is decently with clean and shiny wheels.

2.Correcting the wheel with a wheel straightening machine. The machine can be located on the damaged part and combined with heat treatment and artificial aging process to restore the wheel to its original state rapidly.

3.Eliminate wheel cracks by welding. Then go through a whole repair process, like polish, straighten, diamond cutting etc..

We are dedicated to work with our customers by providing top quality wheel repair machines, excellent customer service, comprehensive training and effective technical support.

Taian Crystal, Originator or diamond cutting alloy wheel repair machine in China, can help you to take your business into a high level. No need to hesitate anymore, like hundreds of our users, just move your step and join us.

Wheel repair machine feedback from customer of Europe

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