Wheel repair machine and the culture behind it

In daily driving, whether you are a novice or an old driver, It is inevitable that the wheel will be scratched. Probably most people don't care about these details and don't know how to deal with it. After share it on moments to complain, just turn around and pass. But there are also many car-loving friends who cannot tolerate sand in their eyes.

In the movie The Pursuit of Happiness , the main character, Chris Gardner, was impoverished and painted the landlord one night, so the parking ticket was not paid. The police caught him at the police station and squatted all night. In the early interview, the examiner asked: “Chris, if a guy didn't even wear a shirt, and came to the interview, what would you think? If I finally hired this person, what would you think?” Chris hesitating for a few seconds, said with a jittery tone of nervousness: "The pants he wears must be very sophisticated. "I think the significance of pants to the male owner is like the wheels of the vehicle itself. The car can be not expensive, but the wheels must be clean and beautiful.

Wheel damage or because of squeezing teeth on the road, bouncing stones, high-speed fall in cannonball pits, corrosion of inferior tire wax, third-rate technicians tightening screw sleeves and scratching hands, etc. If the wheel is deformed, eccentric and out-of-round, the balance weight cannot be corrected , then you have to replace the wheel. But if there is only a slight abrasion, our wheel repair machine can help you solve these problems perfectly at the lowest cost.

When we talk about cars, we are not only talking about transportation, industrial products, showing off rich capital. In fact, we are talking about a culture. This culture has lasted for more than a hundred years, brought together the wisdom of countless people, and blended into the efforts of generations. Behind the shiny car logos is every manufacturer's unknown hard work. Among them, everyone is most concerned about the brand of the vehicle, and often overlook the inconspicuous part of the vehicle--the wheel. Although the wheel is small, it has a long history of evolution. Today we will talk about it.

Since the earliest cars were modified with a carriage mounted engine, the earliest car wheels were actually carriage wheels. And with the level of technology at that time, practical pneumatic rubber tires have not been widely used, so the outer rubber is actually solid rubber, the shock absorption effect is also...... At the beginning of the 20th century, with the continuous improvement of industrial level, wheels and tire began to gradually evolve into the current form, the emergence of metal wheels and rubber tires have greatly improved vehicle safety. However, the early metal wheels were mostly made of iron or steel, which weighed heavily and affected the increase in vehicle speed. Therefore, alloy wheels naturally became a better choice for engineers. In fact, as early as the 1920s, alloy wheels has been used in the field of racing. The earliest vehicle to use alloy wheels was a Bugatti Type 356B, produced in 1928. However, due to the immature industry at that time, it was not until more than 30 years later that alloy wheels began to be gradually used in the field of mass consumption.

In the 1960s, alloy wheels became popular. However, the wheels at that time generally did not exceed 16 inches, and there was no such thing as "beautiful". With the occurrence of the oil crisis in the 1970s, vehicle fuel economy has become a major issue for major manufacturers to consider. Among a series of fuel-saving measures, weight reduction has become the simplest and most effective strategy. Therefore, the development of alloy wheels has accelerated, and thus developed a number of manufacturers specializing in the production of modified wheels, such as German BBS, Italian OZ Racing, Japanese Rays, and Japanese Work.

In the situation that the aluminum wheel and the aluminum wheel repair market are constantly growing, the survival of the fittest is an inevitable result. It is no longer possible to keep up with the pace of the market simply by maintaining wheels by traditional methods. So how do you gain a foothold in a market where competition is so fierce? The secret is the wheel repair machine.

If you have a certain understanding and investigation of wheel repair, you will find that in the eyes of car enthusiasts, in the market where cars are retrofitted, Crystal has become the representative brand of wheel repair lathes. This 20-year-old local company has different types and sizes of lathes, and customers can choose according to their needs. Let's talk about the original intention of the Crystal wheel repair machine and the development goals of the Crystal brand. The competition in the wheel repair industry is very fierce, In addition, the single product of the wheel has a certain life cycle. Why can our wheel machines attract so many customers? Along the way, we rely on strength. The key reason is that we are always looking ahead and thinking: "What is the future of the wheel repair industry? What will the best and most advanced machines look like? What kind of machine can bring the most benefits and efficiency to customers? "

The repair effect is an important evaluation criterion for evaluating the comprehensive performance of machine quality and accuracy. Our machine has self-developed optimization software, which has been improved and upgraded again and again according to the feedback from customers of agents in various countries, which can achieve various perfect cutting effects. General Manager Jack said: "I will not let the Crystal machine leave a flashy impression, so product quality is the point that cannot be abandoned." Therefore, in terms of production, the company strictly controls, and also established strict testing standards, only allow high-quality, flaw-free machines to enter the market. "You have no technology, your destiny is in the hands of others. We have to hold our destiny in our own hands." Therefore, we continue to innovate according to customer needs, research and develop different sizes and models of more powerful machines, and continue to invest market. These bits and pieces have accumulated reputation for the Crystal wheel repair machine, which has continuously improved its influence and popularity.

The wheel is a very important component in the daily use of the car, and it is also one of the most important parts when the car is modified. Whether you are in HF style, VIP style or performance style, a good pair of wheels is essential, damage to components and wheels is also inevitable. Crystal will continue to be the world's most representative wheel repair machine brand. The company has always emphasized that only love and customers can not be disappointed, Crystal will adhere to its original intention, work hard to make better products and serve customers. Crystal always insists on quality first, and believes that wheel repair machine will become better and better.

Wheel repair machine and the culture behind it

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