Vertical wheel repair machine AWR901VP

In order to meet the request for alloy wheel end-face refurbishment, we independently developed the vertical wheel repair machine AWR901VP. Based on many years of experience in this manufacture and sales and combined with users’ feedback for our horizontal alloy wheel lathe, we have carried out a variety of user -friendly designs for vertical wheel repair machine.

AWR901VP is vertical type machine adopts gantry structure with high precision and good stability. Smaller size, but large processing size. This machine is with touch screen. very convenient to operate.The clients can learn how to use it in ours. it has wifi device enabled remote support, when operator has problems, we can support remote technical service. Pneumatic safety door, one key operate to ensure safety. Pneumatic chip removal device to prevent the chips into spindle and other mechanical parts, faster and less laborious. 4-station electric tool carrier, higher automation and more efficient. Magnetic hand-wheel unit, can adsorbs on any place of the lathe, easy to carry and use. This machine is equipped with high-precision servo motor to perfectly restore the original of wheel. It can realize various repair effects such as mirror finish and different density textured finish etc.

Next, let me introduce our machine for you in detail.

Exclusive customized diamond cutter. The diameter of the tip is 3mm which is consistent with the size of the ruby probe and improves the accuracy. Integrated blade, no vibration during cutting, high stability. 15cm and 28cm are optional. The tip can be selected from left or right. It is flexible and user-friendly.

Ruby detection system. The probe with high accuracy 0.002mm can perfectly copy the original curve of the wheels. Wear-resistant, long service life. Contact-type detection is more stable and accurate than tradition laser detection.

Special-made chuck. Exclusive customized big size chuck with soft claw. 3-jaw and 6-jaw are optional. Three steps per jaw and majority of wheels can be mounted on the chuck. At the same time, it does not damage the outer edge of the wheel. Stable clamping, no shaking during operation, high accuracy.

Simple optimization software. Upgraded simple optimization can be applied to most wheels. A small amount of cutting, the original curve of the wheel s restored to the maximum extent.

Multiple models are optional. Our wheel repair machine can be used Windows system. Colors can be customized. According to the maximum cutting size, there are 26” 28” 30” 32” and other models available.

Strong service system. Customers can get free training in our workshop until mastered. The machine has two-year warranty and we provide technical support throughout life. Technician can also be arranged to provide on-site service.

Our company is adhering to the concept of integrity first, customer first, and willing to work with all the friends all over the world to gain the future. If you have any needs, please don't hesitate, just start to contact us and let work together to make your business into a higher level.

Vertical wheel repair machine AWR901VP

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