Vertical diamond cut wheel repair machine exported to usa

Alloy wheels are an excellent choice for any car owner looking for increased strength, overall weight reduction and unlimited modification options. High-quality alloy wheels can also provide better performance, grip and turning ability. However, as time goes by, the wheels may be blemished due to daily wear and tear, which greatly reduces the safety performance, and wheel hub repair becomes especially important.

Our American customer Mr. Sam runs an automobile maintenance shop. Now he expands his business scope and wants to purchase a wheel repair machine. After comparing the comprehensive strength of the store on Alibaba App, he sent us an inquiry requesting that the tire diameter can be repaired up to 30 inches, which is simple and easy to operate. It need arrange shipment as soon as possible. By sending him the product catalog, machine operate videos, parameters, price etc., Sam finally determined the purchase of our hot-selling vertical diamond cut wheel repair machine AWR901VP and paid the deposit accordingly.

After more than two months of transportation, the machine was finally safely delivered to Sam. After carefully reading the manual and watching the training video, he successfully repaired a wheel . He was very happy to share this joy with us, and expressed his recognition and gratitude to our machines and services.

The AWR901VP vertical diamond cut wheel repair machine adopts the latest design. Whether it is small scratches, dents or debris, our machine can accurately detect the location of the damage and how much cutting is needed to make the alloy wheel look new. Besides, this machine has wireless keyboard and mouse control, multi-touch screen, easy to use, and user-friendly. The keyboard support panel adopts a three-axis steering design to meet the needs of different groups of people and other advantages.

Currently, the automobile standard of the car is in line with the market wheels. The demand for wheel processing is strong. Good equipment makes the work easier. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us. Our team will develop a detailed procurement plan for you.

Taian Crystal Machinery Co., Ltd. enjoys a reputation for providing high-quality alloy wheel repair equipment to customers at home and abroad. These equipment include vertical wheel repair equipment, horizontal wheel repair lathe, wheel straighten machine, tyre changer, wheel balance machine, coating oven, sandblasting machine and other supporting equipment. We provide one-stop service, worry-free after-sales, contact us now.

Vertical diamond cut wheel repair machine exported to usa

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