The wheel repair machine is a good wheel maintenance equipment

Whether it is a luxury car or an ordinary small car, different brands of cars, their appearance is similar, his structure has determined that you have no other choice. However, the wheel hub is a good representative of personality and style. Different shape wheels give people a different feeling. When you see the wheel of a car, you will have an impression in your heart, whether it is a stable atmosphere, or a young and arrogant; whether it is sports fashion or conservative. Either way, if after accidental rubbing, the wheel repair machine is a good guarantee to restore their original character.

As an excellent manufacturer of wheel repair lathes, we are no longer familiar with our machines. But why use a lathe to repair the wheels, and how can our friends better understand our products? Of course, it is from the perspective of the other party. What is the value of our machine?

We need to better understand the wheel itself. Yesterday I saw a manufacturing process that focused on forged wheels, which gave me a better understanding of the wheels. The original shape of the wheels was formed from the original aluminum alloy material through the forging process, giving it the stability that the wheels should have. The final molding process is the machining process. Just like a craftsman carving and polishing jade, he wants to perfect a piece of art so that he can appear on the car. Machining and modification of the hub through lathes and milling machines did not affect the internal structure of the wheel. So I think everyone has an answer to why the later repair of the wheel should be done with a lathe, because when a wheel is born, it is processed by a lathe. Repairing with a lathe can just restore the wheel to its original perfect state.

For the wheel repair shop, they do not have all the data of the wheel curve, so if you just use an ordinary lathe, you can't complete such work. They need to get the curve of the hub before repairing it. The current wheel lathe with an automatic detection system solves this problem and can independently detect the curve of a single wheel.

"One day I visited the video on Youtube and saw your machine. I think I was shocked by your machine. Its operation, detection and cutting are perfect. I want to get more information from him." From South Africa Customer Freddy told us after seeing our information. Later, I learned from the conversation that he has been doing wheel repairs for 17 years. He has always used ordinary lathes for repairs. The operation is particularly troublesome and time-consuming. I really want an automated wheel repair lathe like ours. Let him repair more wheels every day. I can feel his mood because this machine is too important for his future business. Needless to say, he bought the machine soon.

"Look at the wheel I repaired. It's perfect. It's really lucky to get such a useful machine. Thank you very much." When he received the machine, he often posted photos of the wheel he repaired on Facebook. To show his achievements, we can see that he is very happy and very satisfied with the machine, which is what we are after. Later, we became very good friends, and often introduced his friends to buy our machines.

In fact, a good machine is beneficial to the car repair shop and the owner, because the material cut with the lathe is irreversible, and any mistakes may damage the wheel hub, which will be a loss for the owner and for the owner. Speaking will also affect the mood. And he can't come to you to repair the car next time.

The wheel you like can reflect your personality. If you can let him be with you all the time, even if you are injured, it is a wheel lathe that can help it.

The wheel repair machine is a good wheel maintenance equipment

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