The story with wheel repair machine customer

We have 19 years experience in wheel repair machine field and the machine has been sold to more than 100 countries. Let's take two customers as example.

Milic is a Serbia girl with blue eyes and yellow hair. We knew about each from a Swiss customer, Milic’s father has decades of experience in the wheel repair industry. After a period of communication, she was satisfied with the price, quality and function of the machine. But She had some doubts about the specific transportation methods of CIF and FOB, such as transportation safety, destination port cost. Finally, we recommended that she can find the shipping agency from the local place. Milic is a very pretty and cautious customer. Because of the first import from other country, Milic has some concerns. I understand her very well, so I communicate with her in every step we take, such as receiving deposit, machine test, machine check completion, booking the shipping, and the concrete shipping time. I gave Milic a detailed explanation about all the steps. Milic is very grateful to me. Now the machine has been received, Milic is looking forward to use it.

Danny is a handsome, sincere and enthusiastic person from Italy. He usually sends me the video of their factory and the beautiful sea of Italy. We are not only a cooperative relationship, but also good friends. But he has big concern about the operation of the machine. because he basically does not understand English, I told Danny that we not only have the manual instructions, but also have a complete training video. Danny confirmed the order after some consideration. But new problem arisen, the shipping agency’s holiday is coming, the delivery time left to us is only three days. Since we have a large number of delivery plans for agents in Germany, United Kingdom France, and the United States every year, we have sufficient inventory for the machines. In three days, the machine has been inspected thoroughly and carefully and delivered to the customer on time. Now Danny has received the machine and started using it, he mastered the basic process in less than half a day. But he is not very skilled at optimization. Then we do the remote instruction by TeamViewer. Now the cutting effect is very good, the wheel becomes dazzling, bright and high-end, he is very satisfied with our wheel repair machine.

Through the purchase experience of two customers, we can find the customer is very cautious for choosing wheel repair machine. It is very important to choose a good manufacturer. We take the win-win cooperation as the principle, choose us is to choose the guarantee.

The story with wheel repair machine customer

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