The newest wheel repair machine in 2020

The main product of our company is wheel repair machine. As the originator of diamond cut wheel repair machine in China, our products had promoted for generations and become mutual and popular. We have now built agents in UK, Germany, France, Ireland, Belgium, Holland etc. And have long term cooperation partner in USA, Australia, Romania, Spain, Colombia, South Africa, UAE etc. Our products followed the characteristics of Chinese lathes and adopted the feedback from our users. All these changes make our machines more humane and more in line with market requirements. The machines have 25’’, 26’’, 27’’, 28’’, 30’’, 32’’ according to the sizes can cut, also can divided into horizontal and vertical according to the working direction. What’s more, we have PC and CNC system for choose. These diversity give customers more choices.

Now, you may have one doubt. What is the newest wheel repair machine in 2020?

The answer is our new design vertical wheel repair machine AWR901VP. We have been keeping doing research and development in vertical type wheel repair machine since 2015. The program lasts for 4 years and now we finally brought out the perfect product, AWR901VP. Before this machine came out, we have made some achievement, but the products are not as good as we predicted. At last, the former 3 generations didn’t go into market. We might have missed some customers who had in need of vertical type machines, but as responsible for the quality of our products, also responsible for the investment of our customers. We waited for long and watched some other vertical machines walk into market. According to the feedback from the user of vertical wheel repair machines, those machine was not so satisfactory.

What is the advantage of your vertical wheel repair machine compare to others?

1.Small size. AWR901VP cuts wheels up to 32’’, which the size is 1590mm*1030mm*1920mm. It is nearly half of size of horizontal machine. But the working size is bigger.

2.Gantry structure and linear guide rail. People who don’t know more about lathe may cannot understand the advantage of gantry structure. Gantry structure has two columns, which means the stability is doubled. We also consulted experts on mechanical design to make every detail perfect. The linear guide has higher precision than hard rail. When moving axis, it is smoother and less noise. These two main features make sure this machine give best cutting finish.

3.PC system. AWR901VP takes the PC system which we developed by ourselves and used for years. This system is based on windows and inserted in our 17’’ multi-touch industrial panel. Easy to operate like your mobile phone and pad. It can achieve mirror finish, rainbow finish and different density of textured finish by change the setting of the software.

4.Servo motor for both spindle and two axis. The servo motor is directly connected, no deviation while transfer signals.

5.More user-friendly design. AWR901VP adopted many advice from our users to promote the user sensibility, like electric automatic tool turret, pneumatic safety door, magnetic hand-wheel unit, chip removing device etc.

6.More color and design to choose. Round or square, green or blue. We can all satisfy your preference.

How to buy and when can I get it?

Our company located in Taian City, Shandong, China. You can make payment by T/T, L/C or other ways. The machine we have plenty in stock, shipment usually arranged within 7 days after the payment. The date you get the machine depends on the shipping company. Usually it takes 20 to 35 days on sea.

What guarantee can I have? Is it easy to operate?

The machine’s guaranty is 2 years. We promise any problems due to quality, we take the responsibility. The training course is free in our factory, we can guide you until you can handle it. Also we can send technical support team to your location. From the experience of our users, most of them can learn to use our machine in hours or one day. Our machine support WIFI and remote control, you can get instant help from China even you are thousands of miles away.

Do I need to prepare extra parts or accessories when purchase this machine?

The most commonly accessories used on this machine is the detection tip and cutting tool. The detection tip and cutting tool both in diameter of 3mm. One detection tip can be used for more than 1 year if there is no accident, one cutting tool can cut around 150 wheels. We suggest you buy some detection tips and cutters in advance. Also you can find similar cutter in your local market.

When will you have promotion or can I get some gifts if I purchase now?

We have early adopter price. Purchase now, we cover the sea freight and insurance. Also, we offer 1 extra detection tip and 2 extra cutter as gift. What’s more, you can get a discount if purchase 2 or more machines. You can send your inquiry to us, we will make you a complete solution for you from wheel cleaning equipment, tire changer, wheel balance machine, straighten machine to diamond cut alloy wheel repair machine.

The newest wheel repair machine in 2020

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