Still changing tool and probe manually on wheel repair machine

Turret is an important part for wheel repair lathe. There are four positions on turret to install tool and probe device. It also can achieve switching flexibly between tool and probe device by turning. The turret does not affect the X axis stroke and the tools do not interfere with each other, so it is widely used on wheel repair lathe. Because probe is limited by probe cable, generally the conventional turret turn by hand to finish switching between tool and probe.

Today I want to tell you that turret can switch automatically and you don’t need to worry about probe wires twisting problem. Do you want to know more about the new application of electric turret on Taian Crystal wheel repair machine?

Structural Features of Electric Turret.

The electric turret converts and locks powered by electric motor. Each time the turret rotates 90 degrees then tool exchanges from one tool position to another. The rotation of turret and selecting of tool position number are controlled by the numerical control system or PC system.

Advantages of electric turret compared to traditional manual turret.

1. The position of tool and probe are recognized and memorized in real-time by computer, higher precision. It will not cause incorrect operation because of forgetting to change tools.

2. The repeatability of electric turret is less than 0.01mm, which is 3~5 times than manual turret. Turret can work perfectly and cut better wheel repair effect.

3. The tool changing time is short. Operator has no need to wait for machine stop and no need to open safety door. That shorten whole wheel repair time and improve efficiency.

4. The wires of probe and turret were built-in integration. Operator doesn’t need to remove manually when wires of detection system wraps around turret. There is no wires twisting.

5. Automatic tool changing. Operator doesn’t need to change tool manually again. The turret will reduce the labour amount and not consuming physical power, easy and high efficient.

New electric turret was developed on vertical wheel repair machine by Taian Crystal. The turret can hold three tools and probe at the same time and finish switch between different tools by one button. The application of new turret makes tool changing easier and more accurate. That improve efficiency of wheel repair greatly. If you want one machine with electric turret, you can check our model AWR901VP.

Electric turret is a good choice for wheel repair machine configuration.

Still changing tool and probe manually on wheel repair machine

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