Rim straightening machine & wheel drying oven instructions

I believe you are already very familiar with our Diamond cutting wheel repair machine. Today I would like to introduce to you some hot-selling wheel repair equipment. At the same time, I would like to introduce Tai'an Crystal to you! We are a company integrating production, research and development, and sales. Our products include high-precision CNC lathes, diamond cutting wheel repair lathes, and wheel repair equipment: rim straightening machine, wheel drying oven, polish machine, sandblaster, etc.

Rim straightening machine & wheel drying oven instructions

Today I will show you how to operate some of our wheel repair equipment.

1. Rim straightening machine:

rim straightening machine are specially used to repair bends, deformations, dents, etc. in various types of alloy wheels.

Rim straightening machine & wheel drying oven instructions

We have multiple models ARS26, ARS26H, and ARS30. I will use ARS26 as an example to explain the operation process.

ARS26 has multiple functions. It is equipped with a hydraulic jack and top blocks of different shapes; Magnetic Probe, which can test the flatness of the wheel edge; cutting function, which can cut the irregular wheel surface after repair; automatic spindle, which can adjust the wheel rotation in different speeds.

Operation process: According to the damaged position of the wheel, select a suitable top block for manual pressure adjustment. Before pressurization, the wheel needs to be heat treated. After the pressure adjustment, turn the wheel and use a probe to detect the edge of the wheel to check whether the repair is perfect.

2.Wheel drying oven

The car wheel drying oven is suitable for baking and heating of various products and materials such as car wheels, wheel modification and repair, electrical, electronics, instruments, meters, plastics, chemicals, hardware, aluminum alloys, etc. It uses forced ventilation to create a high temperature inside the oven. Adjustable air distribution plate makes the material dry evenly. The heat source dries evenly.

Rim straightening machine & wheel drying oven instructions

Operation process: Connect the lines correctly, adjust the temperature of the oven instrument, and set the required drying time. Click the start button and the oven will start working. It will automatically stop when the temperature in the working room reaches the required temperature. After using the machine, drain the heat from the oven, disconnect the power, and wipe it dry with a cloth.

If you are interested in this wheel repair machines, please contact us, we will share you with more knowledge about wheel repair.

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