Linear on wheel repair machine is icing on the cake

At present, most domestic and foreign vertical CNC lathe machine and machining center manufacturers use linear guide rails. The advantages of linear guide rails are obvious: fast moving speed, high precision, good stability, low noise and long service life. The pre-tightening of the linear guide rail makes it achieve zero clearance between the rails and full load capacity in all directions. In addition, after the linear guide rail is worn after years of use, it is easy to replace it.

What kind of improvement can linear guide rails bring to the wheel repair machine?

The use of the linear guide rails can be the most powerful addition to the vertical wheel repair machine. As we all know, most of the wheels that need to be repaired come from internationally renowned brands and luxury cars. Therefore, the quality of the repair effect will directly affect customers’ satisfaction. For customers who need to repair the wheels, the car is their children and the wheels’ surface is their facial skin. Whether the wheels are flawless will affect their work mode and life condition. After all, no one is willing to drive a car with dirty wheels to visit friends and attend to business negotiations. Therefore, for the wheel repair shop, choosing a high-quality wheel repair machine can not only help you make money, improve business level, but also win praise and win the market.

The use of the linear guide rails made the repair effect of our wheel repair machine leap into a new level, which is outstanding among the manufacturers. We equipped four linear guide rails in the Z axis and two linear guide rails in X axis. It is ultra-high precision and accurate stroke control, which can keep the deviation within a minimum range. The rail has light weight, low noise, faster movement speed, lower energy consumption advantages. It helps to improve work efficiency, and its energy saving and environmental protection. It can be said that the use of the linear guide rails is an excellent choice, it will 100% gives you a clean and smooth wheel surface and makes your wheels looks like brand-new.

Our vertical wheel repair machine AWR901VP is now available on the market. It is equipped with high-precision linear guide rails and is a model of the latest technology in Chinese wheel repair machine. If you want to make your career climb into a new climax, welcome to negotiate with us. Taian Crystal Machinery Co., Ltd is here for you.

Linear on wheel repair machine is icing on the cake

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