How to maintain our cnc wheel repair machines 3

CNC wheel repair machine has the characteristics of machine, electricity and hydraulic integration, technology-intensive and knowledge-intensive. It is an advanced processing equipment with high degree of automation and complex structure. In order to give full play to its benefits and reduce the occurrence of failures, daily maintenance must be done well.

I will then introduce to you how to maintain the wheel repair machine from 4 points

7. Maintenance of machine tool feed servo motor

How to maintain our cnc wheel repair machines 3

For the servo motor of the CNC wheel repair machine, maintenance is carried out every 12 months, and the dust is blown off with dry compressed air for inspection and cleaning. Check whether the connection plug is loose, whether there is any foreign object, and prevent short circuit; it should be checked when the power is completely cut off and the motor is completely cooled.

8. Maintenance of machine tool measuring probes

How to maintain our cnc wheel repair machines 3

Before each use, check whether the probe is in good condition, whether the installation is tight, whether the cable is damaged or oily, and whether the connected aviation plug is in good contact. Touch the probe in the power-on state, and check whether the probe indicator light and the signal reception of the CNC system are normal.

9. Maintenance of the electrical part of the machine tool

How to maintain our cnc wheel repair machines 3

Specific inspection can be carried out as follows:

① Check whether the voltage value of the three-phase power supply is normal and whether there is a phase deviation. If the input voltage exceeds the allowable range, adjust accordingly;

② Check whether all electrical connections are in good condition;

③ Check whether all kinds of switches are effective, and replace them if they are bad;

④ Check whether the relays and contactors are working normally, whether the contacts are in good condition, and confirm whether the components are in good condition and effective by running the program;

⑤Electrical maintenance should be carried out by a professional electrician, and it should be checked and adjusted once a year. The doors of the electrical control cabinet and the display of the operation panel should be closed, and the temperature cannot be lowered by opening the cabinet door and cooling with an external fan. The operator should clean the dust-proof filter screen of the electrical cabinet once a month, and check whether the cooling fan or air conditioner of the electrical cabinet is running normally once a day.

10. Maintenance of the lubricating part of the machine tool

How to maintain our cnc wheel repair machines 3

Frequently check the amount of oil in the automatic lubricating oil pump, check whether the oil pump is working normally, and check whether the lubrication of the two-axis guide rails and the two-axis screw is good. All lubricating parts must be refueled regularly according to the lubricating chart, the injected lubricating oil must be clean, and the lubricating parts should be regularly checked and refueled once a week.

Combined with the previous blog, there are a total of 10 suggestions for machine maintenance. I hope these suggestions can bring you a better experience in using the machine. Any more question, welcome CONTACT US at any time.

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