How to choose your cnc wheel repair machine

You may be asking yourself what are diamond cut alloy wheels? If you just bought or leased a new car. You may not know you have diamond cut alloy wheels. However, if you need to repair them, there will only be a cost impact.

So what's the difference between regular alloy wheels and diamond cut alloy wheels? Traditional alloy wheels are fully painted, usually one color, by powder coating or wet spray techniques, and the wheels are painted to protect against weather corrosion.

The diamond-cut alloy wheels will have a partially polished metal face with a coat of paint on top for protection. The rest of the wheel is painted, the wheel will have a two-tone finish, and you'll be able to see the fine lines up close on the polished part of the wheel. See photos of diamond cut alloy wheels below.

How to choose your cnc wheel repair machine

The diamond cutting wheel process involves the use of a machine that uses a probe to measure the area that needs to be "diamond cut". After this, the machine spins the wheel at high speed to strip a thin layer of painted alloy from the wheel, this machine is called diamond cutting common rail test bench.

The AWR series is a new generation of vertical wheel repair machine independently developed by CRYSTAL. It combines many years of R&D experience and market feedback from different customers’ needs. The new design reduced the body size again, reduced the occupy area and transportation costs. On the basis of retaining the characteristics of simple operating system, cast iron gantry structure, electric 4-station turret and so on, we also use the finite element analysis of two-axis structure design, electrical element modularization, open-mode optional device and other special upgrades. Finally, we made it small body with big cutting ability and multi-functional one.

How to choose your cnc wheel repair machine

AWR802VC machine adopts cast iron bed, which has strong rigidity and higher stability.

New design of electric control room: modular and integrated, convenient and uncomplicated.

Humanized design protective door: anti-clip, electric, highly ergonomic consideration.

Up to now, crystal products have been sold to more than 100 countries and have established sales and service agencies in UK, Germany, France, USA, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium etc, so you don't need to worry about overseas service issues.

How to choose your cnc wheel repair machine

In addition, according to the different needs of customers, we also have many other products and models for you to choose, if you are interested in our products, please contact us at any time.

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