Fully automated wheel repair machine

Almost all new cars now come with alloy wheels, and they are also the wheels of choice for those who refit or customize older cars. Unlike their steel cousins, alloy wheels come in a variety of styles and colors to easily match the car's hue. They are a striking addition to your car, exuding years of style and class, but sometimes do require a little care and attention.

Alloy wheels can tarnish, if you look closely you can see deep scratches or cracks on the surface, don't worry, these conditions can easily be recreated with the help of a diamond cut wheel repair and refurbishment to the original factory finish. This process is very precise and takes a lot of time. Since this type of polishing requires the use of a special lathe -wheel repair machine, it is not possible to do it yourself. But professional repair shops usually have diamond cutting wheel repair machine, which you can find locally.

Alloy wheel refurbishment usually begins with the complete removal of the paint coat to reveal the underlying aluminum alloy. This is usually done by dipping the entire wheel in a chemical bath that erodes the paint and removes it, while leaving the wheel's aluminum intact. Once completely free of the protective paint coating, an alloy wheel service technician will inspect the entire wheel for cracks and dents. If the wheel is cracked, or has dents in certain areas of the rim, it can slowly leak air, causing a flat tire.

Cracks usually mean the wheel cannot be used because they destroy the strength and integrity of the wheel. However, some dents can be repaired with a special filler that contains aluminum powder that, when dried, looks very similar to the aluminum alloy of the wheel. It's also tough enough that it can be filed and polished to the shape of the wheel, leaving a shape indistinguishable from the actual metal of the wheel once a fresh coat of paint is applied to the entire wheel.

Once any repairable damage has been repaired, and the technician is happy there are no visible cracks, the wheel is thoroughly cleaned and dried, and is then ready for painting. Check again, then paint and bake the wheels at just under 100°C, and finally paint and bake again around 110°C. Then recheck and if it's ok, reinstall it to the car.

Aluminium alloy wheels make your car look great, but only if you keep them in great condition, so look after your alloy wheels.

Fully automated wheel repair machine

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