Crystal wheel repair machine in present and future

Technology is improving, since the circle is the basic way people have invented to move forward, wheels will still exist. Cars, as our daily tools, are no longer simple transportation tools, just as we wear clothes not only to keep warm, beauty and personality has become our higher pursuit. Luxurious, gorgeous and personalized wheel has become an important part of luxury cars of famous brands. When the car is moving, the wheel is like the runner's running legs, attracting the eyes of the audience.

On September 21, Rolls Royce from the Year 2035 was released on YouTube! The half-enclosed wheel design caught my eye, but I think it would be sad if even the half-enclosed wheel were accidentally damaged by scratching. Therefore, the wheel repair requires the wheel repair machine of Crystal. In order to maintain your luxury, our Crystal machine is your standard equipment.

Since the Crystal wheel repair machine is your standard, the Crystal wheel repair lathe will lead the future of the industry. Become unchanged choice in wheel repair industry now and in the future. Our wheel repair lathe will be toward the wheel repair full automation, repair effect optimization input more research and development cost, so that users as far as possible to free their hands, No more worrying about how to operate a complicated machine. To Achieve the best repair effect, diversification, diversification, has been able to provide the best service for the world's top automotive wheels.

At present, the Crystal wheel repair lathe has achieved automatic tool change tool post, automatic switch protective door, one-key record wheel detection starting point, one-key detection, automatic optimization, automatic cutting, automatic lubrication and other aspects of automatic design. Obtain the consistent highly praise of each country agent, we also have a clear direction for the future of automation design. Robot automatic loading and unloading of the wheel, chuck can automatic clamping wheel, automatic recognition and calculation of the starting point for the detection of wheel, after the detection of wheel curve automatic control system optimization, optimization automatically after cutting, and other functions, we will join to our wheel repair machine control system, so as to realize the automation of the omni-directional wheel repair.

Crystal will do best wheel repair machine based on current technology, for the world's top luxury cars are equipped with a high standard, high quality wheel repair lathe. On this basis, strive to do a good job in the future wheel lathe product technology research and development, the development of new products, strive to provide services for top luxury cars and high-quality wheel repair service providers.

Crystal wheel repair machine in present and future

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