Crystal latest horizontal wheel repair machine

Hi, friends, today I would like to introduce to you the latest model of our horizontal type WRM28H-S.

Crystal latest horizontal wheel repair machine

The new model wheel repair machine WRM28H-S is equipped with linear rails, dual operating systems, electric tool holders, and optional rim straightening function.

Linear rail: The linear rail has higher running speed, higher processing accuracy and longer service life.

Dual operating systems: The new model is equipped with dual operating systems. There are two control panels on the front and rear of the machine, which can more conveniently observe the wheel repair process and perform related operations.

Electric tool holder: parameter control is more precise and has a high degree of automation, which can improve processing efficiency and product quality.

Rim straightening function: Some customers have reported whether the two functions of diamond cutting and rim straightening can be combined together, which not only saves freight, but also saves floor space. Look, our new WRM28H-S has an optional rim straightening function, which can perfectly repair deformed wheels without increasing the size of the machine.

Crystal latest horizontal wheel repair machine

How are diamond cutting wheels produced?

Producing diamond cutting alloys is a highly mechanized process. It requires a special machine called a CNC lathe (that is our wheel repair machine)with a very hard metal or diamond tip. These machines then strip away portions of the paint, giving the car a two-tone look. Let us explain it to you step by step:

Step 1: Paint the wheels that require diamond cutting with the desired color and let dry.

Step 2: Mount the paint wheel on the diamond cutter and use the detector to accurately measure the area to be "diamond cut". Hence, another name for them is probe cutting alloys.

Step 3: The machine operator then optimizes the rim data and operates the cut via the machine's control panel.

Step 4: The rim is rotated at a very high speed, during which time the lathe of a diamond rim or any hard metal rim will peel off a very thin layer of the painted alloy. The stripped sections now feature a high-gloss two-tone finish.

Step 5: Paint the wheels to lock in the paint and keep the shiny parts shiny longer.

If you are interested in our new model WRM28H-S, please feel free to contact us for more machine details.

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