Wheel Cleaning Equipment WUC450L

Wheel ultrasonic cleaner is professional wheel ultrasonic washing machine, has high cleaning efficiency, simple operations and no need of debugging on site. which is widely used in wheel repair workshop to remove the mud and rust accumulated in the wheel and hub. This machine can save a lot of time and labor. After cleaning, the wheel becomes shining. It not only replaces the traditional manual cleaning, but also makes the hub get 360 degree cleaning, which is the cleaning effect that the traditional manual cleaning can not achieve.


1. Excellent cleaning result both rim with tyre and rim without tyre.

2. Semi-automatic, handfree ultrasonic washing, high efficiency, save labor cost.

3. Drive the rims/wheels over the shaft of the wheel holder.

4. Automatic clamping system with clamping cone.

5. Stainless steel SUS 304 tank and housing.

6. PLC touch control pannel.

7. Stainless steel washing basket and Lid

8. ultrasonic cleaning solutions penetrate virtually any soil type including: oils, residues, solvents, pastes and chemicals and other contaminants are safely lifted and dispersed, leaving a surface appearance that is clean and free of particulate; even in crevasses and internal bores.


Max. wheel diameter(mm): 900

Tank Size(mm): 950×650×1120

Number / power of ultrasonic generators: 3×1.8KW

Ultrasonic Frequency(KHZ): 2.8 (adjustable)

Max. carrying capacity of pneumatic lifting system: 60KG

Max. Lifting height(mm): 450

Heating Power(KW): 1.8

Heater: 20℃-95℃ (adjustable)

Timer: 1S-99h (adjustable)

Machine voltage 3 phase 380V

Machine Size(L×W×H)mm: 1170×1080×1325

Packing Size(L×W×H)mm: 1240×1120×1790

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