What wheels can be repaired by crystal automatic wheel repair machine

China's new car sales have been dominating the world for many years, and the industry has ushered in historic development opportunities. However, the auto aftermarket has become the new focus of the auto industry. The current auto maintenance market is dominated by 4S stores, and the chain and emerging channels are also developing rapidly.

In car maintenance, you may need to repair the body, tires, and windows. But there is nothing like the thud, the pothole, and the danger of driving through a damaged wheel. As the wheel of an important part of the car, the forward wheels never stop. Due to the good appearance of aluminum wheel, can be made into a variety of styles, good visual effects, and with energy saving, safety, comfort and other characteristics, so more and more cars have alloy wheel as a standard. If you want to keep your aluminum wheels in optimal condition, you should know how to polish and refurbish them. However, the aluminum wheel that needs to be repaired is also divided into many situations, such as machined wheel, deep disk hub, and the wheel that is badly scratched and damaged. As the owner of an auto maintenance shop, don't worry when you come across the problem of wheel repair.

1. Badly scratched and damaged wheel. Repair methods may vary depending on the extent of the scratch on the wheel, but it is usually done by removing all dirt from the wheel and then repairing with paint and protection. For the wheel surface damage degree is not serious, you can polish the damaged area of the wheel surface, and then repaint. For the badly damaged wheel, if necessary, patch or weld the hub with filler first, then turn the hub surface through the hub repair lathe, cut off a layer of material on the surface of the injured hub, forming a smooth surface to remove scratches. The Crystal automatic wheel repair lathe not only provides the most basic scratch removal function, but also highlights the mirror effect, beautiful wire-drawing effect and rainbow pattern effect through simple parameter setting. No need to paint can make the wheel take on a new look, with more personality. And our automatic lathe simple operation, save time and effort. The hub lathe records the wheel curve detected. The wheel of the same model only needs to be detected once. It can be used directly next time, which saves the time of re-detection. By optimizing the software, the wheel surface curve can be restored as much as possible. The wheel lathe only needs to set the starting and ending points to achieve automatic detection and automatic cutting. It only takes 20 minutes for a new wheel to go from detection to optimization and turning, allowing you to serve your customers in the shortest possible time.

2. Deep disk wheel hub. Are you troubled by the repair of such hubs? Now you don't have to worry about this problem, because our wheel lathe can easily repair deep disk wheel. Deep disk wheel can be divided into two kinds, one is the wheel is a whole, the other is spokes and rim can be separated. For wheels that are integral, if the rim is less than 60mm vertical in relation to the spokes, the wheel can be easily detected with the extended ruby probe of the wheel repair machine, which can then be perfectly repaired with an extended 3mm diameter spherical diamond cutter. If the vertical depth is greater than 60mm, such a wheel is difficult to repair, because the rim of the wheel can hinder detection of the probe system, and you can program the repair on the lathe. Spokes and rims can be separated from the wheel is simpler. The spokes are first removed from the surface, and then the removed spokes are clamped with our custom standard chuck to perform regular probe cutting on our automatic hub repair lathe.

3. Machining wheel. Many auto repair shops also have wheel-customization services, and wheels need to be machined to give the wheels a more personalized look. Machined wheels are very similar to polished wheels. First, the wheels and tires need to be removed from the car, the wheel on the CNC lathe to re-process the end face, and then varnish protection. The machining quality of aluminum alloy wheel is largely dependent on the stability of processing equipment and reasonable machining technology. Directly reflect the standard of machining technology is the stability of equipment. Our wheel repair machine is an innovative transformation on the basis of CNC lathe, the machine has high stability and high precision, can be simple machining wheel, and ensure the quality of machining.

It can be seen that the automatic wheel repair lathe of Crystal. as a pioneer in this industry, can repair most of the hub in the market and achieve the most perfect effect. As a high-end car maintenance shop, if you want to expand your maintenance business, so that your car maintenance shop don’t worries about the need to choose the most high-end equipment, and the Crystal wheel lathe is your best choice.

What wheels can be repaired by crystal automatic wheel repair machine

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