Why must choose an automatic wheel repair machine

With the increase of people's income level and the change of consumption concepts in recent years, people's demand for follow-up services for car purchases and their willingness to consume have continued to rise, which has promoted the continuous growth of the automotive aftermarket. In 2016, it reached 952 billion CNY. In 2017, it exceeded 1 trillion, and China's automotive aftermarket entered a period of rapid development. Among them, the accident car repair industry accounted for 200 billion CNY, and the rapid development of the wheel repair industry has also attracted much attention.

Wheels, as important parts in cars, have an important impact on the performance and safety of cars. In particular, aluminum wheels have many advantages such as environmental protection, energy saving, comfort, and safety. They can better meet the requirements of automotive conditions, energy saving, safety and environmental protection, so the market demand is constantly increasing. At the same time, the automotive wheel repair industry has sprung up. As an elite in the auto repair industry, why must you choose an automatic wheel repair machine?

With the rapid development of science and technology, the upgrading of mechanical and electrical products is also accelerating, and the requirements for the accuracy and surface quality of parts processing are becoming higher and higher. The application of numerical control technology has not only brought revolutionary changes to the traditional manufacturing industry, making the manufacturing industry a symbol of industrialization, but also with the continuous development of CNC technology and the expansion of the application field, it has played an increasingly important role in some important industries (IT, automotive, light industry, medical, etc.) because the digitization of equipment required by these industries is already a general trend of modern development. With the rapid development of the automotive industry, the demand for wheel special machine tools for automotive wheel manufacturers has also increased, especially with higher requirements for processing technology. However, we know that many people are still using traditional manual wheel repair lathes. Manual wheel lathes are not only inefficient and complicated to operate, but also have great defects in safety compared to CNC lathes. Let us understand the reasons why you must choose an automatic wheel repair machine.

High-tech and high stability: No programming required, one-key start-up, intelligent reading of wheel data with only one key, and automatic data saving of the wheel, convenient for multiple uses of the same type of wheel, remote operation and remote upgrade, multi coordinate linkage is possible, with a wide range of applications and a high degree of lathe automation. Automatic wheel repair machine adopts high-end cast iron material, which has excellent shock resistance and strong corrosion resistance. It can maintain high stability during high-speed and long-term operation. All major parts of the machine and CNC intelligent system have undergone intensive testing experiments to set up the machine with excellent quality protection.

Powerful, safe and durable: The automatic wheel repair machine adopts with a 17-inch touch screen, which is handy to use, simple and convenient operation, integrated detection, optimization and cutting. It can cope with a variety of complicated wheel styles, saving time and effort, saving energy and protecting the environment. The wheel repair machine is fully protected and equipped with electromagnetic locks, pneumatic safety doors, emergency stop buttons and other safety equipment. Automatic short circuit protection and intelligent leakage protection, handy when using, safe, reliable and easy to operate.

Automatic wheel repair machine has strong adaptability, simple operation, accurate detection and stable performance. The ruby detection system can adapt to the surface processing operations of various conventional wheels and special-shaped wheels on the market. With the increase of car ownership year by year, the auto repair industry is in the development phase, and consumers do not need to replace the wheels for wheel modification and repair, saving unnecessary costs, while bringing more profits to practitioners in the auto repair industry and achieve a win-win situation for social and economic benefits.

In addition, the automatic wheel repair machine uses a working voltage of 380V, the speed can reach 2000 rpm, and the speed can be adjusted. This kind of machine with diamond cutting tools, high precision, fast and accurate cutting, and stable body are the main features of the wheel repair machine. Simple operation, no programming, strong stability, reliable quality, clear drawing surface texture, high brightness, etc. Moreover, it also has the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency, safety, environmental protection, and durability. It can be remotely controlled by WIFI and can always master the operation. As the originator of the wheel repair machine, we will also provide users with free training videos and instructions and provide long-term technical support.

The steam engine has changed the way of human production, the smart-phone has changed the way of human communication, mobile payment has changed the way of human payment, high-speed rail and bike sharing have changed the way and habits of human travel. This society is constantly being changed by advanced technology. The world's science and technology are changing rapidly and production methods are constantly changing. For wheel repair lathes, fully automatic wheel repair machines are the future development trend, thereby improving the overall technical level of the wheel repair industry. Automatic wheel machine is a lathe designed and developed to adapt to automotive wheel processing. It has high production efficiency and processing accuracy, and is suitable for wheel processing with large batches, high processing accuracy, and good processing results. It is the first choice for repairing wheels in the automotive industry.

As a leader in the auto repair industry, do you still use manual wheel repair machines? Are you excited about automatic wheel repair machines? We firmly believe that we will be your best partner, and we look forward to achieving a win-win situation with you in 2020.

Why must choose an automatic wheel repair machine

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