Why is it more advantageous to repair wheels with automatic wheel repair machine

Chinese New Year has arrived. At the beginning of Chinese new year, our traditional is to visit relatives and friends. Driving out of our own car is both convenient and close the distance between friends. Before we go out, we must ensure that the car is clean and the wheels are clean. That can give us a new year atmosphere. Some of the roads we drive through are always uneven, and the wheels may hit the cobbles and scratch the wheels during driving. No one wants to go out with a bruised wheel.

What should we do if the wheel of our car is damaged? The first thing we thought of was definitely going to a car repair shop to fix it. But what if the wheel can be repaired perfectly as before, or even more beautiful than before?

Do you know automatic diamond cut wheel repair machine? It is a machine specially designed for repairing the surface of the wheel. If you want to make your damaged wheels more beautiful or you are running a wheel repair shop, you should have a basic understanding of this machine, and then you can choose more clearly if you want to repair the injured wheel.

There are currently two forms of wheel surface repair. One is by sanding the surface of the damaged wheel and then repainting. The other is to cut the wheel surface through a wheel repair machine. Cutting the wound wheel away from a thin layer of material to make the wheel look as new. If you like it, you don’t even need to paint. Keeping the original knife pattern after turning will be more beautiful.

What are the advantages of using a wheel repair machine to repair the wheel?

First of all, the wheel repair machine can set different parameters of the machine to change the cutting pattern on the wheel surface, and then the wheel surface after repair can have different finishing effects. The finer, tighter cut patterns will realize a mirror effect; the larger cut patterns will realize rainbow finishing effect, which is very beautiful.

Secondly, the wheel repair machine only cuts less than 1mm of material, which will not affect the structure and safety of the wheel.

Finally, it is quicker and easier to use the wheel repair machine. Our wheel repair machine now use intelligent control systems, which are simple and convenient to operate. In addition, the repaired wheels can choose not to be painted, which saves a lot of time.

Do you know the type of wheel repair machine?

Wheel repair machines are currently divided into ordinary manual wheel repair machine and automatic wheel repair machine in terms of their global use. According to the structure, it is divided into vertical and horizontal wheel repair machine. From the control system, it is divided into CNC controller wheel repair machine and PC controller wheel repair machine.

Our company's recently developed and marketed product is a vertical PC intelligent automatic wheel repair machine. It is also one of the more advanced equipment in the world, and has been widely praised by customers during its use. Compared with other similar products, customers are prefer to this latest wheel repair machine. Because of automation, intelligent equipment is always a product that people now prefer and pursue in the future. With the rapid development of the times and the era of speed and results, this wheel machine is the best choice for wheel repair.

What are the advantages of this device?

First, the operation is convenient and simple. The vertical wheel repair machine is more convenient and labor-saving for the hub installation process. What the operator need to do is place the wheel on the jaws of the chuck and then secure the jaws. The horizontal wheel repair machine requires one hand to support the wheel hub and the other hand to fix the claws, which is very laborious. Another important advantage is that the wheel of the vertical structure has a low installation position and is close to the operator. It is easier for the operator to observe the position of the probe and the knife holder during the operation, which improves the accuracy of the wheel repair.

Second, the volume is small and the repair size is large. Vertical wheel lathes generally have a relatively small volume and a small footprint. If a wheel repair shop or car repair shop does not have a lot of room for a wheel repair machine, a vertical wheel lathe is a very good choice. Although the size of the vertical wheel repair machine is small, our engineers have maximized the turning diameter of the machine in a limited space, and correspondingly increased the size of the wheel that can be repaired. At present, the maximum size of our repaired wheel can reach 32inch, which can meet the repair of most wheel sizes.

Third, it can be made into a vehicle type. Mobile wheel repair is a very large industry, and the need for a mobile wheel repair machine has been very urgent. There are currently several wheel lathes on the market that can be placed on trucks, but there are certain shortcomings in structure and stability. Many aluminum structures are used, and it is difficult to guarantee perfect wheel repair results. The mobile wheel repair lathe we designed uses a cast iron structure with good stability, which can guarantee perfect wheel repair.

Fourth, high security. Why do we need safety in wheel repair? On the one hand, the safety of the wheel repair machine itself. Our equipment is certified by CE standards, and there is no problem in safety. Another problem is to ensure that the wheel repair does not cause large mistakes to damage the wheel. The operation of the machine is also simple, the stronger the professionalism, the smaller the repair errors for the wheel. Generally, the wheels of luxury cars are very expensive. You can't buy cheap machines for save money, because it is dangerous to put an expensive wheel on unreliable machine.

After reading this, I believe that everyone has a relatively comprehensive understanding of the wheel repair machine. The automatic wheel repair machine has its unique advantages for wheel repair. But the vertical wheel repair machine, as our latest product, is also one of our hot products in 2020. It has a more perfect design and use experience, becoming the leader of the wheel repair machine. New products and automated equipment are always the pursuit of our customers and our goal. We hope that our equipment can provide you with better and longer service.

Why is it more advantageous to repair wheels with automatic wheel repair machine

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