Why do you need a wheel repair machine

At present, with rapid development in automotive industry, especially the further expansion in passenger car market, people need more high-level demands for surface quality of car body.

In the daily use of vehicles, the frequency of wheel scratches is very high. Scratched rims on an automobile is an almost inevitable occurrence. They can be caused by anything from running into a curb or driving over debris on the road. People who truly care about their car will be bothered by this, and some may even buy a whole new set of rims because they think it's the only option. When the alloy wheel is slightly damaged, the cost to replace the old wheel with a new one is too high. So this time, the wheel repair effect is obvious and the price is reasonable, which is a good choice. So the demand for repairs to these specialist alloys is definitely on the rise.

If without the professional equipment to repair alloy wheels, many independent wheel repairers are currently having to send them to specialist repairers. This means a greatly reduced profit margin and increase in repair turnaround times. And in order to protect customers’ wheels, professional equipment is very necessary.

Based on the above phenomenon, why do you need a wheel repair machine?

wheel repair machine is more efficient and very easy to operate, operator don' t need to learn complicated programme. It can cut spectacular finishes and achieve mirror finishing, different density textured finishing etc. The wheel repair machines use probe technology. The most important thing is that the customer can establish their own database of different models of wheels and the saved data can be used in the cutting of same model. And new features include faster probing cycles using the automatic digital touch probe, spindle stop feature for dry runs, wifi enabled remote support and remote MPG handwheel for manual mode.Includes an improved built in wheel profile optimization software with fully customisable edge profiling, lip cutting and more. One-touch operation, easy to learn. So the wheel repair machine is your best choice.

Our machines have all of the above features. With our wheel repair machine we will provide you with the highest quality finish and the quickest turnaround time. It is essential that we have strong service system, customers can get free training in our workshop until mastered. The machine has two-year warranty and we provide technical support throughout life. Technician can also be arranged to provide on-site service.

Our company is committed to providing customers with high quality machines, so please feel free to deliver your wheels to our machines. You can save a lot of time and money. As we guess, you might be interested in our products, please don't hesitate to contact us to know more about our machine.

Why do you need a wheel repair machine

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