Why are more and more wheel repair shops choosing wheel repair machine

When an item is loved, it must have its value. With the development of the times, the automobile industry is becoming more and more prosperous, and people's needs are constantly escalating. Natural private customization is becoming more and more popular, for example, the customization of car wheels has become a fashion. However, once the wheel appeared damaged, deformation, breakage, notches etc. which undoubtedly places higher requirements on the owner and the wheel repair shop. If you are the owner of a wheel repair shop, how can you make the customers’ wheel not only restore to the original new look within a short time, but also can save the cost of replacement? The wheel repair lathe can make the wheel flash faster in a short time. It is perfect as always. I believe this is one of the reasons why the wheel repair shop chooses a wheel repair lathe, and it is also the value of the wheel repair lathe.

The car is so-called "seven points maintenance, three points repair." When it comes to car maintenance, in addition to car paint, engine, tire, and car interior maintenance, in fact, wheel maintenance is also very important. If it cannot be maintained normally, it will most likely affect the safe driving of the car and even threaten the personal safety of the owner. Thus, more and more car owners are concerned about this. While pursuing personalized wheels, you can also ensure your own safety. What should we do if the wheel of our car is injured during driving? If it is more expensive to renew the wheel, so what we think that go to the wheel repair shop for repair is the best way. In the face of many wheel repair shops, how to choose the most suitable one to keep your wheels intact, and even more beautiful than before?

Wheel refurbishment is like a cosmetic wheel surgery. Wheel refurbishment has brought a lot of customers to the repair shop, but with the owner's request for higher repair results, the owner of the wheel repair shop is also considering how to improve the traditional repair method to meet and attract more customers come here for repair ? When parking on the side of the road, if it is in close contact with the road, it will generally cause wear and abrasion on the surface of the aluminum alloy wheel. Since it does not affect the force structure of the wheel hub, it only needs to beautify the surface. This kind wheel is very easy to fix. Accidental collision during high-speed driving may cause the wheel to break. Welding is used to compensate. The repair location is sanded so that the final metal remains approximately flat. However, because the wheels of some models have bright surfaces and drawing processes, good results cannot be achieved by grinding alone. This requires advanced equipment to fine-tune the wheels which is called wheel repair machine. What kinds of wheel repair machine can attract people?

1. Wheel repair machine has powerful repair function

The wheel repair machine is a special lathe developed for the repair of scratches on the end faces of automotive aluminum wheels. However, there is an important link in the repair process of the hub, that is, the smoothness of the curve of the cutting motion of the diamond tool along the surface of the hub directly determines the smoothness and cutting effect of the repair surface. The wheel hub lathe can achieve the mirror effect by processing the wheel curve, and through simple parameter adjustment, it can also achieve the effects that customers want to achieve such as wire drawing.

2. Simple operation of wheel repair machine, saving time and effort

The owner is willing to take the time for his car to wait for you to repair his wheel intact, but if your service is fast enough, this is naturally an excellent thing. After all, no one wants to waste time, even if there is time left to arrange an appointment or to free up time to deal with things at work. The wheel repair lathe records the detected wheel curve. The wheel of the same model only needs to be detected once, and it can be used directly next time, saving time for re-detection. By optimizing the software, the wheel surface curve can be restored as much as possible. The wheel repair machine only needs to set the start point and end point, and it can realize automatic detection and automatic cutting. It only takes 20 minutes for a new wheel to finish from detection to optimization and turning. A cup of coffee time can make your wheels perfect as always.

A high-end professional wheel repair shop must use a good wheel repair machine. On the one hand, it can reassure the owner, without waiting too long time. The most important thing is customer satisfaction. The wheel repair machine developed by our company is an fully automated and intelligent lathe. The quality and reliability of this lathe can be seen from its appearance. When the owner sees the machine you use, both in appearance and structure which can give him a more comfortable and reassuring feeling. You can rest assured that the wheel will be delivered to you without having to worry too much. Of course, customers will also tell others, "This is a very good wheel repair shop, a repair center with professional equipment and professional services."

Why are more and more wheel repair shops choosing wheel repair machine

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