Wheel repair machines achieve a professional flawless finish

Wheels as hard-working components that need special looking after. Not only can their appearance break the look of a car but their condition can also significantly impact on resale values. Are you considering investing in your first diamond cutting service? First of all, great choice. Diamond cut alloy wheels make a great solution for upgrading your car’s appearance. With their dazzling, glass-like finish, you’ll make a huge statement as you drive the roads and the surrounding areas.

However, this isn’t a bad approach. As time goes on, you might start to ignore dents and scratches on your wheels. If left untreated, these small issues can lead to much bigger problems. As anything in life, the larger the alloy wheel repairs, the bigger the bill. So, while you may not need to obsess over every bump you experience on the roads, a certain amount of vigilance and proactive maintenance goes a long way to keeping your alloy wheel refurbishment costs to a minimum.

How to maintain your alloy wheels?

Whether you’ve invested in diamond cutting work or powder coating finishes, there’s one thing to keep in mind: thorough maintenance saves you money. Simple cleaning on a regular basis not only removes dirt and abrasive elements, it also gives you the opportunity to inspect your wheels for early signs of damage.

An initial rinse cleans the surface, while a towel dry will prevent water spots from forming. Specialist alloy wheel cleaners can then help to protect your wheels’ finish. And don’t cut any corners, brake dust has a habit of collecting in wheel wells, lug nuts and between spokes.

What happens during alloy wheel refurbishment?

Refurbishment work follows these basic steps in car service shop:

1. Remove the wheels and assess the damage. The experienced professionals can determine the scope of the alloy wheel repair work needed.

2. Clean your wheels of all dirt and other substances. This can strip all dirt down to the bare alloy. At this point, They can also remove more serious surface damage using wheel repair machine. If requested, they can perform a diamond cutting or powder coating service.

3. Next, refit your wheels so that you can pick up your car and drive back to your home. If needed, they can straighten, balance and re-torque your tires.

Of course, every alloy wheel refurbishment or repair has its own unique qualities, whether you need an alloy wheel straightening followed by a custom finish or a comprehensive alloy wheel repair, our diamond cutting wheel repair lathe can meet your needs.

Do you know more about diamond cutting?

Alloy wheel diamond cutting refurbishment service, involves refinishing your alloy wheels on a specialist alloy wheel CNC lathe machine. Watch the video to see the beautiful effect that a professional diamond cut finish can have on your alloy wheels.

The surface layer of the wheel is cut and removed from the wheel, revealing the natural aluminium shine and the lines from the CNC lathe. Then the alloy wheel is protected with a lacquer coat to ensure the finish lasts and your wheels stay looking beautiful. The face looks very shiny like bare alloy with very faint lines under the lacquer, often having a different colour on the insides of the spokes. Moreover, the operation of the diamond cutting wheel repair machine is also very simple. Our lathe works in this way:

1. Operator install alloy wheel into chuck

2. Operator launch automatic probe operation

3. The CNC control automatically create the wheel profile and then use the specific digital optimization software to optimize the profile

4. Operator give the optimized profile input to CNC control

5. The lathe automatically cut the wheel

6. Operator remove the wheel

Committed to Professional Alloy Wheel Repairs & Refurbishment - When it comes to refurbishing an alloy wheel, Taian crystal wheel repair machine refurbishes the wheel to factory standards and achieve a professional flawless repaired finish.

Wheel repair machines achieve a professional flawless finish

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