Wheel repair machine won’t let your car die

If a car can talk, it might tell how boring he fells right now after three months left unused in garage. Of course, the whole reason is the Covid-19 pandemic. It made the whole world suffer and killed our rights of having fun. I believe many people are missing the time of driving our vehicles to the beach and forest. Now, our vehicles have to stay in garage and collect dust. The advantage of it is that your car and wheel won’t damage or scratch. But wheel repair machine won’t allow your car die in garage.

We all saw the economic slowdown at the beginning of 2020. Factories shutdown, schools sealed in order to prevent of cross-infection. Now is May, most countries declared lifting of the blockade and prepare resumption of production. It is lucky for those for us that witnessed this darkest moment of the whole world. Here comes the question, for those in wheel repair filed, what changes that we should make to embrace the new era? As a supplier of wheel repair equipment, we helped hundreds of repair shop owners to extend their business. What they got is enhance of their competitiveness and we witnessed their success. If you still lacking of a diamond cut wheel repair machine, now it is time for you to make decision.

1. What kind of business need wheel repair machine?

Through the analysis of our buyers, we found that buyers of our wheel repair equipment can be divided into two categories. First category of direct customers, here divided into end users, chain brands shops, they are generally professional car repair and maintenance shop, wheel tire repair & sales shop ,4S shops, large repair center, repair shops related to insurance company and so on. With a professional wheel repair machine, the first advantage is that it can enhance their store image, after all, this equipment is in larger size, once placed in the store, can immediately attract the attention of customers. Second, to diversify services, alloy wheel refurbishment is now a hot industry, a diamond cut wheel repair machine can recover the wheels into a new state in a fast & Low-cost way. Car owners can enjoy the service in just one cup of coffee. Second category is the machine dealers and comprador. They buy our equipment and resell.

2. Is now the right time to own one wheel repair machine?

After months time of staying home ban on going out will make people more aware of the value of free time. Who doesn't want to go out and enjoy more in the coming deblocking season. Vehicles definitely be the first tool when going out. During driving, as the car and the ground lift part, wheels are more vulnerable to kowtow, scratch and so on. Therefore, in the coming days, if you are engaged in the related industry of automobile repair, having a wheel repair lathe will bring you a new market competitiveness.

3. Which wheel repair machine you suggest for me.

Our wheel repair machine have different design, vertical or horizontal, different size, 26’’, 28’’,30’’, 32’’, and different colors. You can choose whichever you like, all of them can achieve same cutting effect.

Opportunity knocks but once. It is time to own one wheel repair machine from Crystal.

Wheel repair machine won’t let your car die

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