Wheel repair machine to make your wheels more personalized

Aluminum alloy wheels have won the favor of more and more private car owners with their beautiful appearance, safety and comfort. For high-speed cars, the deformation of steel wheels and the high temperature generated by the brakes can cause tire bursts and reduce braking efficiency. This is not uncommon. The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is three times that of steel and iron, and its heat dissipation effect is naturally much better, which improves the braking efficiency, prolongs the service life of tires and brake discs, and effectively ensures safe driving of the car. Nowadays, aluminum alloy wheels are usually processed by CNC machinetools for aluminum alloy wheels.

Product advantages of aluminum alloy wheels:

1. Improve driving comfort. Aluminum alloy wheels have metal characteristics that absorb vibration and resilience. The aluminum alloy wheels are processed by CNC machine tools foraluminum alloy wheels, with high dimensional accuracy, high roundness, small yaw jump, and good balance, which makes the car run smoothly and comfortably.

2. Drive normally and save fuel. Due to the weight of the replaced aluminum alloy wheels, the rotational inertia of the four wheels is reduced, the acceleration of the car is improved, and the energy demand for braking is relatively reduced, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

3. Improved driving safety. The heat dissipation coefficient of aluminum alloy wheels is two to three times that of ordinary steel wheels. Combined with the structural characteristics of aluminum alloy wheels, it is easy to dissipate the heat generated by the tire and brake system into the air. in. Even with continuous braking during long-term driving, the wheel system can be kept at an appropriate temperature.

4. Improve the aesthetics of the vehicle. The appearance design of the aluminum alloy wheel hub is exquisite, and the shape is various, which can realize the integration of the wheel hub and show perfection. Improve the aesthetics of the vehicle.

5.Improved driving stability. Widened tires can improve grip and braking performance, and effectively improve driving control and driving pleasure.

Painting aluminum alloy wheels may seem easy, but it actually requires years of experience and a deep understanding of the various techniques and stages required to obtain a perfect finish. At CNC wheels, we use industry-leading spraying and powder coating technologies to bring you consistently excellent rim paint effects.

Every car owner is different. The final appearance and color of the rims depends entirely on personal preference, which is why CNC Wheels can customize the rims of any color or shade you want. It may be a subtle finish that complements your vehicle's style, or it may be a vibrant and eye-catching accessory that highlights your personality.

wheel repair machine adopts combined positioning bent plates, which are fixed by mechanical connection, making installation and positioning operations easier. The patented technology of the utility model relates to a locomotive wheel numerical control maintenance equipment. The locomotive wheel numerical control maintenance equipment is a pair of symmetrically operated numerical control processing units. The numerical control processing units are arranged on the same platform through the numerical control processing system.

Wheel repair machine to make your wheels more personalized

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