Wheel repair machine makes your wheel as great as they once did

The number of cars is increasing, and the driving environment is also complex and changeable. From small scrape, to traffic accidents, the damage to the wheel is also complex.

It’s time for you to introduce a new investment, wheel repair machine! It will bring you more business opportunities and attract more customers.

What is the impact of damage wheels on driving safety?

The tire is full of gas, and the outer edge of the tire fits against the outer flange of the wheel to prevent gas leakage inside the tire. If the damage of the wheel is not corrected and replaced in time, serious damage to wheel will be caused during driving, which will directly lead to wheel rupture. The rupture of the wheel will result in poor sealing of the tire, which is a major safety hazard. If not replaced in time, it will directly affect the safety of the driver.

Several types of damages common to automobile wheels.

1. The edge of the wheel is scratched and damaged.

This is a relatively common kind of wheel damage. When the wheel of the car is turned against the edge of the road, it is easy to damage the outer edge of the wheel. Our machine can perfectly repair the scratch In this case.

2. Wheel twisted and deformed

When the car wheel is impacted, it is easy to cause the wheel rim of the car to bend and deform. It is a serious damage. As long as the structure of the wheel is not damaged, you can correct it by straightening the deformed wheels, and then use our diamond cut wheel repair machine to achieve the perfect effect you want in five steps (Load the wheel, Set Tools, Detection , Optimization, Diamond Cutting).

3. Wheel yellowing

When the wheel is used for a long time, it will appear yellow. It looks dirty and ugly. It not only affects the aesthetics of the wheel, but also affects the aesthetics of the car. It can be refurbished by using our machine to polishing it.

Is the wheel repair machine reliable?

4. Don’t worry about the safety of the repaired wheel. Our machine have self-developed optimization software. The optimization software has been upgraded for many times, can be applied to most wheels. It has small amount of cutting, the original curve of the wheel is restored to the maximum extent. Therefore, it will not cause any damage to the performance of the wheel.

5. The machine can achieve different cutting effect according to your requests, like mirror finishing, rainbow line, different density textured finishing etc.

6. We have strong before and after sale service system.

Our machine is very easy to learn. Operator don’t need to spend time and money to learn complicated programme.

As the skeleton of the tire, the wheel plays an important role in the auto parts. The role of the wheel is not only for the sake of beauty, but also for protecting the life and safety. Be serious about the wheel, don't lose it because of smallness. Don’t hesitate come to us to know more about our machine, we are glad to work with you to provide you with cost-effective products and quality assured.

Wheel repair machine makes your wheel as great as they once did

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