Wheel repair machine makes your factory more brilliant

For most people, your car is your pride and joy. Therefore, it is important that your alloy wheels should be restored to a high standard by professionals to avoid corrosion in the future. Alloy wheels are a major investment that can increase the overall beauty of the vehicle. You have a set of aluminum alloy wheels, and you need to take care of them and keep them shiny and novel. But there is no doubt that the wheels will become dirty due to daily driving. The best way to keep them clean and in top condition is to perform the following steps.

Use a high-pressure cleaner, which is a good way to remove dust and surface dirt on alloy wheels.

Choose wisely... Please use an alloy wheel cleaner that will not corrode the fresh powder coating (acid-free) on the wheel and follow the instructions on the label. Ordinary car shampoo will remove the dirt on the surface, and if you need to wash it regularly, you will only need these. Don't forget to get the best results, please use alloy wheel wax, just like wax in paint work, it can really protect the wheel. This prevents brake dust from adhering to the alloy. Remember to apply wax every two weeks for best results. After several years of daily use, do the aluminum alloy wheels still look good? Of course not, so this is why the all-alloy refurbishment can make it look new again.

diamond cutting is an alloy wheel, which has been placed on a wheel repair machine, and part or the entire painted surface of the wheel hub has been processed to leave a bright alloy surface.

In the alloy repair center, a very special method is used to refurbish alloy wheels.

As mentioned earlier, nothing seems to be worse than a "do it yourself" paint job or obviously having to fix something yourself. Simply put, DIY repair work usually ends up seriously damaging the resale value and potential safety of any car. Although we do not only advocate the use of mechanics or repair shops to resolve any minor knocks or dents, it is recommended that professionals perform overhauls on the car to ensure that the car looks good and maintains its value. Alloy wheel repair kits include all the materials needed to repair damaged alloys; however, it is recommended that they only be used to repair minor to moderate visual damage. Except for obvious reasons, we can only ensure that your wheels are restored to their best condition after training. We can also determine the current state of the alloy before performing any work. The severity of damage to the decorative alloy varies, and most damage may mask a larger problem with the wheel, which can also affect the performance of the car if you drive it. This is what we can find and can advise whether your alloy is truly repairable. Remember Crystal is your reliable partner in wheel repair machine.

Wheel repair machine makes your factory more brilliant

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