Wheel repair machine makes your cars high valued

Many car owners will ask: "Is my alloy wheel worth refurbishing?" In short, our answer is always yes. Whether it is damage or you want to increase or retain the value of the car, we always recommend that you repair or refurbish the alloy as soon as possible.


If your alloy wheels start to corrode, then our recommendation is to refurbish them as soon as possible. Do not leave them, because corrosion will slowly erode the alloy deeper and deeper, at this time the refurbishment process may not last long. The longer you leave Corrosion, the more likely it is to return. If you refurbish them in the early stages of corrosion, you have more opportunities to delay the inevitable.

Professional people do professional things

In addition to the obvious reasons why we are trained to ensure that your wheels are restored to the best standards, we are also able to determine the current state of the alloy before doing any work. The severity of the damage to the decorative alloy varies, and most of them may cover up the larger problems of the wheels. If you are driving on the wheels, this will also affect the performance of the car. This is what we can find and will be able to advise you whether your alloy can actually be repaired.

Professional machine

The reason why we recommend letting professionals repair the car to ensure that the car looks good and maintains its value is because the alloy wheel repair kit includes the professional equipment needed to repair damaged alloys such as: wheel repair machine, wheel straightening machines, wheel balancing machines, Tire changer and so on. The vertical diamond cutting wheel repair machine with gantry structure and cast iron bed which can repair wheel diameter up to 32 inch, meanwhile it can probe, optimization and cutting wheel in one system, it is really time and labor save.

Repair to sell

When modifying your car, before you pay for it, it’s important to make sure you know which ones will add value and which ones will not.

Many people think that alloy wheels are just fashion accessories for cars, but they actually have the potential to increase their value. Obviously, this depends to a certain extent on the age, brand and model of the car, and the type of wheels, but in most cases, because the newly refurbished wheels will not only greatly improve the overall appearance of the car, but also increase its value. (The higher the value of the car at the beginning, the greater the chance that refurbished wheels will increase its value).

If you already have alloys wheel on your car but want to add value, it may be worthwhile to recolor the alloy wheel. The polished wheels are powder-coated and then dried on the surface. Then it is heat-treated to form a gel on the surface of the wheel to protect your alloy wheel from UV damage, light scratches, pollution and washing whirlpools. Not only does it add some personality to your car, but it can eventually turn your popular brands and models into a more customized car. If you sell it privately, people may pay a little more for this.

If any interest about our wheel repair equipment please feel free to contact us!

Wheel repair machine makes your cars high valued

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