Wheel repair machine makes your alloy wheels to their pristine condition

You are about to park up when you hear that dreaded crunch noise. You’ve scraped the pavement and run out to see the damage, you’ve scuffed the wheel!

Alloy wheels only to get scuffs and cracks, it’s all part of driving, these will naturally happen over the course of time. However, the sort of care your wheels need totally depends on the severity of the damage.

Can alloy wheels be repaired?

Yes, they can. Typically, the repair process for alloy wheels starts by cleaning the damages of any dirt or grime that may have accumulated since the damage was done. This will allow the mechanic to see the severity of the issue. There is usually no need to remove the wheel from the car, but a specialist will mask off the tire to protect it during the repairs process.

Can alloy wheel scratches/scuffs be repaired?

As above, yes, scuffed alloy wheels can be restored to their pristine condition after repaired on a wheel repair machine. This kind of machine is used to repair the scratches on the surface of wheels. After repaired, the engineer will usually apply a primer and colour coded paint to make them look shiny and new again. This process only usually takes a few hours.

Can a bent alloy wheel be repaired?

Yes, it can be. It’s worth looking at getting this fixed ASAP as you could be putting both yourself and the vehicle at risk. You’ll probably feel a bit of shakiness while driving as your tyre is making uneven contact with the road. You may also find issues with tyre pressure on the affected wheel.

Repairs specialists will straighten the wheels out for you. Getting this sorted quickly can help to avoid any further issues, such as cracks and buckling as a result of the bend.

Can alloy wheel cracks and dents be repaired?

Yes, fillers can be used to repair any cracks in the wheel. Cracks are most commonly caused by bumping a kerb, going over potholes or uneven roads, which in turn can affect how well your car functions. Not to worry, though this is something that can be fixed easily without needing to replace the wheel.

Although more serious cracks and dents can be identified visibly, if you’re worried about minor damages getting worse, there are crack detection sprays out there that will cover the affected area in dye so that you can see if any damage has been caused, especially if you know you hit a kerb badly that day!

It’s worth spotting these cracks early on. If they get worse, they can start to leak air, which can be a much more serious problem. This may even escalate into a complete blowout, so it’s important to seek help early.

Shouldn’t I just get a full refurbishment?

It’s completely up to you, but if your alloy wheels are seriously damaged then it might be worth considering to refurbish on diamond cut wheel repair machine.

How can I prevent further damage?

Simply put, look after your vehicle! We recommend washing your wheels regularly to avoid dirt and grime that could cause further damage, but remember to wait five days after getting your wheels refurbished or you could actually damage the new work that has been done.

Regular washing will avoid a buildup of brake dust, which can damage the surface of the rim. If left for too long, you may have to end up paying for another refurbishment. Make sure to use a soft-bristled wheel brush to avoid swirl and scratch marks. Microfiber towels can give a nice finish to the wheels too.

Wheel repair machine makes your alloy wheels to their pristine condition

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