Wheel repair machine makes wheel refurbishment more easier

It is well known that a pair of shoes will be dirty and bad if wearing for too long. Similarly, as the big foot of the car, the wheel will be dirty when exposed to the outside for a long time, and even the surface scratches, defects and other damage and deformation will occur. At this time, the cost of replacing the new wheel is a bit high, so many owners of the car will think about doing wheel refurbishment.

Wheel refurbishment is a very common phenomenon in the streets and lanes, we also see various car problems in the garages to need to check, and wheel refurbishment is one of them. For cars, wheel refurbishment is like a very small surgery. However, many car owners do not know in which kind of situation that the wheel needs to repair and do not know what method to use for refurbishment in different situations. Let's take a look together.

Q: How to do if the wheel is corroded?

A: Besides the safety hazards, corroded wheels will seriously affect the appearance and reduce the sense of car. Wheel corrosion must be repaired and refurbished, because once the aluminum alloy wheel is corroded, the hardness of the corrosion part cannot be guaranteed, the corrosion surface will expand for a long time, which has certain safety hazards. In addition, rust spots are also a kind of corrosion. When rust spots appear on the wheel, owners should also pay attention that.

Q: Can the wheel scratches be repaired?

A: If the primer is not exposed, the scratches will only affect the appearance and no other hazards, so they can not be repaired, but if the car owner is a perfectionist and can not tolerate a little scratches on his car wheel, then can go to a professional auto repair shop to repair these scratches, they usually use the automatic wheel repair machine to carry out wheel repair. However, if the primer is exposed, the wheel must be repaired, because if the wheel does not be repaired, the scratched area will wrinkle and it will rust and corrode.

Q: There is a gap in the edge of the wheel, so what material should be used to repair it?

A: It is welded with special welding wire for alloy and solidified after welding. The wheel is made of alloy, which is usually welded with alloy. It can be perfectly repaired by surfacing method, sealing test and surface treatment according to the shape of the gap.

Q: Can the yellowed wheel be repaired?

A: It can be repaired. When the wheel is used for a long time, it will appear yellow and looks very dirty. It affects the aesthetics of the wheel and the car. It can be repaired by the original process such as baking, drawing and polishing. Of course, this problem can also be solved by wheel repair machine.

Q: Can electroplated and brushed wheels be repaired?

A: Yes, the electroplated wheel has a mirror-like bright appearance, dazzling, beautiful and good corrosion resistance. Refurbished this wheel requires professional plating equipment. The brushed wheel repair needs the special wheel repair machine and the operator to carry out, the surface of the wheel after repaired will be very textured.

The price for a set of refurbished wheels is much cheaper than the new wheels. The important thing is that it looks like a new wheel from the appearance, it can be restored to the dynamic perfect style.

Wheel repair machine makes wheel refurbishment more easier

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