Wheel repair machine make you into wheel repair specialists

If you are the owner of an alloy wheel car, then you will understand the need to ensure that they stay in top condition. Damaged alloy wheels will not only affect its appearance, but also destroy the value of your vehicle, which may have a significant impact if you are currently planning to sell your car.

Fortunately, if your aluminum alloy wheels are damaged, there are solutions to refurbish them immediately.

1. What is the purpose of alloy wheel refurbishment?

If your alloy wheels are scratched to the curb and show signs of damage, compared to buying replacement alloy wheels, refurbishing alloy wheels is a cost-effective way to improve its appearance.

It is carried out by a professional refurbisher, whose skills and experience can complete the work to a high standard. All scratches and scratches will be checked and repaired. Once the work is completed, it will be difficult for you to remember the appearance of the alloy wheel.

2. What is involved in the refurbishment of aluminum alloy wheels?

During the refurbishment of alloy wheels, the tires will be completely removed from your wheels. Before any work is completed, all existing treatments on the hub will be stripped to give the new finish the final adhesion and eliminate any corrosion. For the next step, there will be scratches or scrapes or bruises or scrapes, depending on their severity.

Once smoothed, the alloy wheels will be cleaned in a sandblasting box and degassed to remove any residual air that may damage the final finish. Then the wheels are coated with a layer of powder coating and placed in the oven for curing.

Eventually, the professional will start painting your wheels, first with a primer usually in the color of silver metallic paint, and then apply the final powder paint.

You have a set of aluminum alloy wheels, and you need to take care of them and keep them shiny and novel. But there is no doubt that the wheels will become dirty due to daily driving. The best way to keep them clean and in top condition is to perform the following steps.

Use a high-pressure cleaner, which is a good way to remove dust and surface dirt on alloy wheels.

Please use alloy wheel cleaners that will not corrode the fresh powder coating (acid-free) on the wheels and follow the instructions on the label. Ordinary car shampoo will remove the dirt on the surface, if you want to wash it regularly, that will be what you need.

Don't forget to get the best results, please use alloy wheel wax, just like wax in paint work, it can really protect the wheel. This prevents brake dust from adhering to the alloy. Remember to apply wax every two weeks for best results.

Diamond cutting wheel repair is an alloy wheel, which has been placed on a lathe, and a part or the entire painted surface of the wheel hub has been processed to leave a bright alloy surface. Then paint it to prevent corrosion.

If you are not sure whether the vehicle is equipped with diamond-cut alloys. Looking closely at the aluminum alloy wheel, you will find that its circle is very faint, very similar to the old-fashioned record/CD on the wheel. In addition, if the wheel is a two-tone wheel with a darker interior and a silver exterior, it is most likely a diamond-cut alloy wheel. If you are not sure, you can contact us for confirmation. We are alloy wheel repair machine specialists in China.

Wheel repair machine make you into wheel repair specialists

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