Wheel repair machine is your essential equipment

All of us live a busy life, and usually it becomes easier to postpone things such as alloy repairs. In this way, sometimes the damage may be more serious than it looks on the surface, which is why we recommend that you give priority to repairing the damage to the alloy wheel as soon as possible.

When modifying a car, it is important to make sure that you can pay for it out of your pocket, and then know which ones will add value and which ones will not.

Many people think that alloy wheels are just a stylish addition to cars, but in fact they may also increase their value. Obviously, this depends to a certain extent on the age of the car, the manufacturer and model, and the type of wheels, but in most cases, because the newly refurbished wheels will not only greatly improve the overall appearance of the car, but also increase its value(The higher the value of the car, the greater the chance that refurbished wheels will increase its value).

If you already have alloys in your car, but you want to add value, it's worth researching on alloy recoloring. This service can spray powder coatings on alloys like traditional coatings, and then deposit them on a dry surface. Then it is heat-treated to form a gel on the surface of the wheel, thereby protecting your aluminum alloy wheel from ultraviolet rays, light scratches, pollution and washing whirlpools. Not only does it add personality to your car, but it can eventually transform your popular brand and model into a tailor-made car, if you sell it privately, people may pay very little for it.

Another excellent service that can add value to your car is caliper painting. Caliper paint can not only change the appearance of your car, attract your attention, and highlight your rim; but did you know that it can also help protect them? As the calipers age, they will accumulate more brake dust and road dirt, and will rust over time. The painting process will remove dirt and ensure that the brake components are in the best condition, and then apply a new layer of paint to protect them for a longer period of time.

In order to make things easier, many wheel repair shops provide mobile repair and refurbishment services, which saves you the time and effort to go to the center.

The repair process is as follows:

The vehicle is safely jacked up at the designated position and stays firmly on the axle frame.

The tire is deflated and pushed back to ensure maximum access to the damaged area.

Eliminate all damage and ensure that the shape of the wheel is maintained.

Then the grinding wheel is repainted and painted back to its original shape.

Then the grinding wheel is cured under the heating system.

After the alloy is dry re-inflate the tire to the correct manufacturer pressure.

Then re-install the wheels on the vehicle to ensure that the correct torque is applied.

However, for wheel repair and refurbishment, wheel repair machines are particularly important. Taian Crystal has rich experience in wheel repair machine and can provide you with professional services, Crystal is undoubtedly your best choice.

Wheel repair machine is your essential equipment

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